Celebrate the Coming Venus-Mars-Jupiter Conjunction at a Sacred Site in Nevada!

with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

A Night Sky Workshop September 20-23, 2015 – Register Here!

Cayelin and Tami

Cayelin and Tami

June 19-21, 2015 – Summer Solstice and Venus Ascension Ceremony

with Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk
at Faywood Hot Springs in New Mexico

This event features understanding your place in the Venus cycle, at a time when Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are all activating the Crown Chakra Gate, in this truly remarkable Capricorn Venus Cycle! This event is for ALL women and men who wish to develop an even deeper and more potent connection to their inner Goddess and Inner Beloved

Here is a Video with Tami and Cayelin showing images of Faywood and More about this event

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook- Revised Edition

by Daniel Giamario with Cayelin Castell

SA Handbook 2014 Ed CoverSourced by Daniel Giamario, Shamanic Astrology is a profound form of astrology accessing the core  of these mysteries in an easy to understand way.

This book captures the essence of Shamanic Astrology in its use of the twelve archetypes (or signs), featuring a place on the wheel of life for ALL, without judgment.

It is a soulful, experiential form of astrology where your life purpose or intent is explained with clarity and eloquence. The 2014 edition includes Chiron!

Only $37 plus shipping. Order here:

Includes Domestic Priority Mail Shipping

Includes International Priority Mail Shipping

 eBook of the 2014 Edition here: Go to Amazon to pick up your copy here!

IMG_7707The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
provides transformational teachings
further activating Global Humanity’s original intent
through personal and planetary empowerment.

Find out more about Shamanic Astrology with a reading from one of our trained and Certified Shamanic Astrologers in the United States and abroad! And you may also find a Shamanic Astrology class or event not listed on this site. Find one in your area here.

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