2018 June Solstice Free Online Class

June Solstice Magi​c – ​​Free Webinar ​

with the Founders​,​ ​Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

Sunday, June 24th 5:00​ to​ ​6:30​ pm​ PDT

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​The 2018 June Solstice ​FREE Webinar features one of the four “Crown Jewels” of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™​ appropriately called ​The Inner Sacred Marriage Process ​along with a June Solstice Ceremonial facilitated by Cayelin.

Following that Cayelin and Daniel will share about the remarkable and effective process of using your opposite sex planet (Venus for Men and Mars for Women), in combination with the Descendant (if you have a birth time)​ featuring​ a ​highly effective way to create inner wholeness. Additionally, this inner sacred marriage process ​helps everyone create more fulfilling relationships​ with a beloved, friends, family and co-workers​.

No ​P​revious ​K​nowledge of ​A​strology is ​N​ecessary.

​Class begins at 5:00pm PDT​ with time for Q & A ​to answer your questions and to join ​in with the discussion.

​We would love to have you join​ us​ ​- ​either live or for the replay​!

Love and Magic from Daniel and Cayelin

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