2018 Teleclasses

SAMS is excited to continue our new teleclass series for this year! Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell will be facilitating 4 NEW Teleclasses!

ALL Teleclasses of this Series begin at 5pm Pacific time / 8pm Eastern time and are recorded

Four Teleclasses:

  • 3/31/2018 – Chiron in Aries

  • May, 2018 – Uranus in Taurus

  • October, 2018 – Lunar (Moon) Nodes shifting in Cancer/Capricorn

  • November, 2018 – Jupiter in Sagittarius

All of these 90-minute telelcasses include Q&A at the end and are $40 individually and $137 for the 4-class package for non-members of SAMS and for Basic Level Members of SAMS.

Benefits of Membership with SAMS:

  • All Telelcasses for Bronze and Gold Members of SAMS are only $30 per class and $87 for the entire series
  • A Full Series of Teleclasses for Platinum Members of SAMS are FREE
  • SAMS Gold Level Members receive one of these teleclasses for FREE (member has a choice of 1 teleclass per year of membership)

You can pre-purchase the Whole 2018 Teleclass Series Here!

Chiron in Aries 

March 31, 2018 at 5 pm Pacific time

Chiron, a celestial planetary object not classified as either a planet nor an asteroid by astronomers is moving into a new seasonal sign for the first time since 2010, when it moved (ingressed) into the sign of Pisces.  Chiron, discovered in 1977, is classified as a “centaur” and like all of the planets and big asteroids, was appropriately named.  Chiron symbolizes self-healing through the alchemization of our soul-wounds or fracture points.

In this teleclass, the myths of Chiron will be covered along with the meaning / intent behind its ingress into the sign of Aries (but constellation of the Fish), the connection to the March Equinox Point, the archetype of the Rugged Individualist/Warrior that is Aries.  Daniel and Cayelin will also look at the last time Chiron was in the sign of Aries (1968-1977) and what was happening on the planet during those years.  This will all be done from the perspective of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™

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