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Summit Purpose

20/20 is Perfect Vision and the year 2020 implies we have time to perfect our vision starting now.

Plus, it turns out there is an extremely rare triple conjunction (stellium) of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto occurring in the sign of Capricorn. This stellium occurs, on average, every 153.8 years. The Capricorn intervals are far more rare. The last two times these planets came together in Capricorn was in 424-423 BCE, most recently in 1284-1285 CE (733 years ago), and this will not happen again until 2754-2756 CE.

Capricorn is the archetype most associated with attuning to the wisdom of the Circle of Grandmothers, Elders and Wise Ones. Capricorn is related to the structure of our reality based upon what we believe and that changes when we change our thinking and what we focus our attention on.

Clearly we are in a time of massive change to the old structures creating times of chaos and confusion as outdated institutions struggle to  survive. Capricorn asks: how can we be a part of these changes, creating a new way of living on this Earth that is ecologically wise, efficient and sustainable for all life?

From the perspective of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School this is a globally significant alignment for everyone, personally and collectively. It is possible this alignment is more significant and reaches beyond the glamour and hype that was applied to the turn of the millennium and the focus on 2012.

In the next two to three years much will be written about this configuration. It is a significant event worthy of our attention in beginning to inquire into this rapidly approaching and potentially world altering event. It is important to begin consciously preparing for this as best we can.

This is because we are the Seed People (as described by Dane Rudhyar) seeding a new evolutionary cycle for humanity. Our vision, thoughts, perspectives, and insights direct our actions and these actions are creating a New Earth experience. 

Summit Presentations

This online summit will feature 15 video presentations or interviews from healers, astrologers, psychotherapists, dream teachers, and more! A presentation will be released daily starting December 1. The Summit ends with a special 2+ hour Q and A with many or even all the presenters hosted live with Daniel and Cayelin on December 20th.

The entire online summit is FREE meaning all the videos are available to watch for free for 72 hours after they are released. You also have an opportunity to own the videos and help support the mission of our 501 (c) 3 School. Stay tuned for the presenter schedule coming soon.

The FULL LIST of Presenters are shown below with Longer Bios And Presentation Topics HERE!


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