A Shamanic Look at the Turning of the Ages

My recent trips to Peru, Bolivia, and Scotland, has provided me with impressive direct experiences of numerous ancient monuments built to capture the precise rising and/or setting of the December solstice Sun. It is as if these monuments were built with this time in mind. For only now, (and the mirror image time 12,500-13,000 years ago) can the rising and setting Sun be experienced at the solstice, Milky Way, and zodiacal intersection.

I propose that all shamanically and experientially oriented individuals prepare for participating in conscious ceremony and festivals, especially during the winter solstices of 1997 and 1998,(*7) celebrating the end and beginning of a galactic year. The rising Sun at winter solstice is a marvelous opportunity to receive a transmission of galactic intelligence directly from galactic center, for dreaming and co-creating the next great age.


*1. The Shamanic Astrology Handbook by Daniel Giamario and Carolyn Brent (now known as Cayelin K Castell).

*2. Some of the more interesting proposals are:

  • 1962 AD The great conjunction of planets in Aquarius
  • 2018 AD The movement of the star Regulus into the sign of Virgo (from Dane Rudhyar)
  • 2376 AD Vernal Equinox enters the constellation of Aquarius as defined by the sidereal zodiac of Fagan and Bradley

If we use the tropical zodiac to create twelve equal ages, then each age is about 2160 years long. If we date the beginning of the Piscean age at approximately 100 BC, then the current time is very near the entry into the next constellation of Aquarius. If we use the constellational boundaries of Ptolemy, the vernal equinox will not reach Aquarius until after 2600 AD.

*3. Various numbers of years have been given for this cycle. The number of years is probably not entirely stable and may oscillate a bit over time. Dane Rudhyar uses 25,868 years because that is used in Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. Charles Jayne uses 25,694 years. Most popular literature currently uses 25,920 years. My personal favorite exact figure is 25,800 years used by many astronomers such as Guy Ottewell. To simplify, I use the rounded figure of 26,000 years for the cycle.

*4. Chimey Rock, Colorado, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, Callanish, Scotland and many others

*5. The precise location of Galactic Center, currently at about 27 degrees Sagittarius, lies below the ecliptic and thus below and to the right of the intersection of the Milky Way and zodiacal constellations. But it’s pretty close.

*6. From a personal correspondence

*7. These could be the exact ceremonial timings, but note that the greater festival has already begun and will last until 2012.

  • Suggested Bibliography for Research on The Turning Of The Ages:
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  • The Myth of Replacement : Stars, Gods, And Order In The Universe by Thomas Worthen, University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 1991
  • Astrological Essays or Essays on Astrology by Robert Hand
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  1. Because the gravitational effects of the Sun and Moon are not always the same there is some wobble in the motion of the Earths axis. This wobble causes the celestial poles to move in a series of S-shaped curves with a period of 18.6 years. Plus this wobble is also caused by the gravitational influences of the other planets causing a shift of the ecliptic on the celestial sphere. If I am understanding correctly what you are saying is the seasonal markers are then shifting due to the wobble of the Earth…

    • Yes…it is the wobble of the Earth that effects what constellation the Equinox or Solstice Sun is rising in over thousands of years. Approximately 26,000 years…signs are seasonal and they move through all the constellations in about 26,000 years.

  2. It amazes me, as you suggest, that any self-respecting astrologer ISN’T aware of the long-known phenomenon of ‘precession’. The real issue of timing of equinoctial/solsticial points into different signs seems the long-debated issue of ‘cusps’. Since zodiacal signs are defined as 30 degree segments of the ecliptic, beginning at the equinoctial point (or, that point in about 0 AD), transposed onto the background of the zodiac, it should seem clear that there is nothing magical about the cusp points, but are more points of reference.

    Noting precise moments of equinoctial/solsticial points crossing other precise points in the constellations (fixed star conjunctions, ‘zodiacal center’, etc), offer more real opportunity for timing of synchronous events (or more likely, broad trends) on planet Earth.

    Another incredible evidence of astrologers’ shortsightedness is the inexperience of such self-styled prophets with visible night-sky phenomena. Though the ephemeris may say ‘Moon in Sagittarius’, a glimpse out the window more convincingly demonstrates Luna squarely and dramatically traversing Antares, in Scorpio. Which is more true? The same sort of question as ‘when does the Age of Aquarius’ begin….

  3. What will happen when the alignment happens? Will that cause the earth to wobble faster, or will we have extreme season changes gradually?

  4. Great explanation on the Turning of the Ages…and definitely puts the whole Age of Aquarius thing into proper perspective. BIG Kudos!

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