Inner Sacred Marriage Intensive with Daniel Giamario and Levi Banner

Learn powerful tools for creating greater wholeness within yourself and the best relationships of your life  in a unique astrology course that will open a whole new world of intimate possibilities for you.

May 2-8, 2020

The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

Did you know that better relationship compatibility , increased personal wholeness, and even better sex can be found through astrology? Join us in romantic Bali to eat, pray, and love the Shamanic Astrology way, in this one-of-a-kind Shamanic Astrology Relationships and the Inner Sacred Marriage Training. You’ll explore what Mars and Venus have to do with who we are as women and men — diving deep into what we project onto our partners, your true relationship intent, and how to achieve wholeness through the Inner Sacred Marriage process.

Led by Daniel Giamario, the Creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ and Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™; and Levi Banner, Certified and Initiated Shamanic Astrologer from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™, this exceptional astrological approach will include special integration ceremonies and fun surprises. Taught at the world-renowned Yoga Barn, and tucked away in The Nest, its air-conditioned sanctuary, you will be in the optimal location for spiritual learning as you delve into heart-centered mysteries of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™.

By the end of this 7-day immersive training, you will have learned a unique approach to using Venus and Mars in astrological readings to create stronger relationships with yourself and others, powerful tools to help you achieve inner wholeness, and invaluable insights into compatibility, sex, and gender understanding through chart reading. You will also gain course credit from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ toward receiving a First Level Foundational Certification in Shamanic Astrology and becoming a Shamanic Astrology Practitioner — all while having an incredible experience of healing, transformation, and connection to your fellow students and the world around you!

The Shamanic Astrology Relationships, and the Inner Sacred Marriage Training is for you if:

  • Want to learn how to read a birth chart for greater compatibility in relationships
  • Want to have better relationships by understanding what we project onto partners
  • Are curious to learn what your soul’s relationship intent is
  • Want to experience wholeness and happiness whether you have a partner or not,

Today, our culture tends to encourage looking outside ourselves for completion, wholeness, and happiness. Many find they are longing to find the magical other, their soulmate, the twin flame, the beloved. This is not a criticism, as this quest for a relationship and wholeness motivates you to learn more about yourself through another. However, even if you find a wonderful partner, that alone does not create inner wholeness.

In the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™, the process of creating inner wholeness, with or without a partner, is referred to as the Inner Sacred Marriage. Through this process, you will get clear on what you tend to project onto a partner — which is often different from what your soul’s relationship intent is. You will discover ways to determine and understand your personal path to wholeness through the Inner Sacred Marriage Process, and how to share that with others.

This singular training is not found anywhere else. It allows you to access powerful Shamanic Astrology tools that will teach you to become your own best partner, achieving an inner wholeness that will increase your ability to strengthen your existing relationship or manifest a new one. Joined by a loving community of like-minded seekers, you will undertake a shamanic journey into the self and the sexes, journeying through Venus and Mars to emerge with deeper understanding, greater connection, and self-nourishing wholeness that will take your love life to a whole new level!

What You’ll Learn

  • Your path to wholeness through the personal Inner Sacred Marriage Process
  • How to read a natal chart for chart comparison, compatibility or Synastry
  • The 6 paths of relationship/partnership
  • The 24 Shamanic Astrology expressions of Masculinity and Femininity
  • How to have enhanced compatibility, intimacy, and better opposite-gender understanding in your life — helping you strengthen an existing relationship or manifesting a new one

Do you want to learn how to read astrological charts to achieve greater relationship compatibility for yourself and others?

Are you ready to engage the Sacred Marriage within, becoming whole and ready for a powerful loving relationship with yourself and others?

Join Us in Bali in May 2020 for a unique Shamanic Astrology training, journeying within and without on your path to whole-hearted love.