2018 December Solstice Event

OUR Yearly December Solstice Celebration
Friday Dec 21, 2018 at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST
Zoom Event

Join us for this fun and informative annual online event. 

For the last several years the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ has had an online December Solstice celebration and look ahead to the most important events of the coming year.
This event also serves as an important fund-raiser for the School and has been a favorite of many who enjoy the look ahead and opportunity to personally engage with Daniel and Cayelin – the Founders of the School.
This year’s online event is on the Solstice within hours of a Full Moon. The exact Solstice is 2:23 pm PST, just 87 minutes before our online celebration begins.
The exact Full Moon at 00 Cancer 49 occurs at 9:49 am PST the next morning!
Yearly Forecast And Exploration Of The New Year with Daniel and Cayelin sharing their insights on the most significant astrological cycles of 2019 include:
  • Eclipses occurring in 2019 as Super Mega Moons and activation points
  • The shadow and potential of relationship between Venus (in Libra Meta Goddess) and Mars (in Aquarius Meta God) joining together in the Underworld.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius inspiring the continued quest for truth beyond factual reality informing our individual perception of truth.
  • Uranus in Taurus for 6+ more years in the archetype most connected to the Garden of Earthly Delight and how we can be change agents to benefit a return to this Garden on our beloved planet.
  • Saturn Pluto alignments with the South Node speaking to the letting go of the past that no longer serves the collective good – dismantling our failing institutions that no longer serve humanity or our planet.
  • Also included:
  • A look at the USA chart and current President Trump’s chart relative to 2019.
  • Where are we at during this major Turning of the Ages?
  • And why this is way bigger than the Age of Aquarius?
  • A look at the changing archetypes as seen from the lens of Shamanic Astrology as the seasonal signs move through the constellations.
  • And More!
Q & A with the Founders and School Council
Our time together will include personal chart questions along with any and all questions about the coming year or other topics covered. We are planning a lottery to choose 3 names to take a deeper look at how this applies to an individual chart. If you would like to be included and are registered for this event be sure to respond to an email going out soon for those who want to be included in this lottery.
If you can’t join us live – no worries – you can email your questions to cayelink@gmail.com or danielgiamario@gmail.com prior to our on-line Zoom gathering and we will answer them during the event.

I attended the June Solstice online event and thought it was fantastic!!!! Thank You So Much.~ Iris


SAMS Members receive $10 off the Solstice event and all proceeds go to support the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School educational non-profit!

Members $30
Non-members $40

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