2019 Webinar Series

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ is planning a new series of four webinar classes that continues an annual tradition since 2012.  Most of the past classes were in “teleclass” form, meaning audio-only.  However, this year we will be doing all webinar (video) classes.  Each of the webinars will be approximately 90-minutes in length and will include time for Q&A.

This webinar series is separate from the April 16th “Underworld Saga of Venus and Mars” webinar.

The 4 webinars are as follows:

  • All About Retrogrades on July 16th with Cayelin Castell and Erik Roth
  • A NEW Venus Webinar Class from Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk (July/Aug date TBA)
  • Ceremony and Shamanic Astrology on October 2nd with Cayelin Castell and Erik Roth
  • Jupiter in Capricorn on November 14th with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

You can get the whole series OR the webinars individually.

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2019 SAMS Webinar Series Prices


All About Retrogrades – July 16, 2019

with Cayelin Castell and Erik Roth

A class all about planetary retrogrades!  Tune into to the unique way that Shamanic Astrology™ sees retrogrades.  The inner planets and the outer planets each have their own way of expressing their retrograde patterns.  Cayelin and Erik will share about Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the other outer planets through the lens of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™.

When a planet retrogrades, it is neither good nor bad.  It is simply part of the overall fabric or pattern of the planet and its relationship with us.  Aside from the astronomical perception of seeing a planet moving “backwards” from being on Earth, Cayelin and Erik will share how important it is to incorporate an understanding of a planet’s retrograde “motion” in our own lives.

Mercury can be retrograde as much as 4 times per year while Mars and Venus have the rarest retrogrades of all.  Venus experiences the shortest retrograde duration outside of Mercury and Mars the least retrograde frequency, going retrograde only once every 2 years.

The inner planetary retrogrades are of a higher tier of importance when compared to the more slower-moving outer planets with a few planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) experiencing retrograde for almost half a year every year.

Included in this webinar will be a resources provided that you can download about retrogrades and each planet’s retrograde expression.
You can get thhis webinar indiviually or as part of the overall webinar series

All About Retrogrades Webinar Pricing

A NEW Venus Webinar Class from Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk (July/Aug date TBA)

Cayelin and Tami dive into the underworld with Venus as the planet that represents the feminine principle becomes hidden in the glare of the Sun while the Sun is situated between Venus and Earth.  Cayelin and Tami bring their magical and ceremonial expertise to sharing more about the transformative process that takes place within us as Venus shifts from a “morning star” to an “evening star” in the summer of 2019.

More details coming soon!






Ceremony and Shamanic Astrology™ on October 2nd

with Cayelin Castell and Erik Roth

Shamanic Astrology™ is a paradigm that operates from an experiencial and ceremonial perspective.  Through the initiations we experience, we can open up to a greater awareness to our relationship with the planets, Sun, Moon, nodes and the stars in a wide variety of ways.

Cayelin and Erik will share more about how we can incorporate the archetypes, planets, Moon, Sun and stars into our lives so that we can have a more personal relationship with the natural rhythms of the Earth and Sky.  Examples include planets with stars, various kinds of conjunctions and working with your own personal and shamanic timeline planetary cycles.

Discover the ways you can more fully participate in your life journey by connecting with the Earth and Sky relationship and how powerful this relationship can be in our lives.  Cayelin and Erik will also share personal examples in their own lives and how this Earth-Sky relationship has provided countless rewards.

There will be reference materials shared with participants during this webinar.

Ceremony and SA Webinar Pricing Options

Jupiter in Capricorn – November 14, 2019

with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

Daniel and Cayelin continues the Jupiter series as largest planet in the solar system ingresses into the sign (not constellation) of Capricorn on December 2, 2019 for the first time since 2007  This is a momentous time as this leads the setup in 2020 of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all together in 2020.

Jupiter takes about a year to transit each sign and about 12 years to transit all 12 signs of the zodiac.  Capricorn is about planting the seeds for the next seven or more generations and creating a new operating manual.  It is the archetype of the teacher, wise elder, grandmother/grandfather and director.  Jupiter’s ingress into that sign will expand the Capricorn archetype.

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