2020 September Equinox Webinar – FREE

The State of the World – Turning Points

Equinox Ceremonial and a Shamanic Astrology Update with Daniel Giamario and the SAMS Council

September 20th, 2020
Sunday 5:00 pm PDT, 8:00 pm EDT

A 2-Hour Webinar with Q&A!

If you can’t join us live the recording of this online event will be available  for replay by the following day.

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Daniel Giamario, Mary Kern, Erik Roth and other SAMS members will discuss the current astrological situation, 9 months into this most momentous year of 2020.  Daniel’s evidence and research points to this being the most powerful global configuration in 12,800 years.  There will be time for some Q&A during and at the end of the webinar.


We will cover the following subjects:

  • Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn turning direct in September closely followed by Pluto.
  • November, 2020 marks the closest orb of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in many centuries as Mars and Eris square them.
  • The new Mars Synodic cycle in overtone Aries, and its retrograde phase from Sept.9-Nov.13th.
  • The US election (?) with Mercury and Mars retrograde.
  • The possible great importance of October 14th with the Mars opposition (in Aries) and Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio.
  • The approach of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and entrance into Aquarius in December.
  • A look ahead at the coming eclipse season November 30th-December 14th.
  • A look ahead to the December Solstice

There could be a great number of “Turning Points” coming up to hopefully give us clues as to the fate and destiny of global humanity and our beloved Gaia.  As always, these topics will be presented and discussed using the unique approaches of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ with a strong emphasis on the Three Worlds Approach.