Shamanic Astrology Returns to Bali in 2019

Learn SHAMANIC ASTROLOGY in Bali – May 9-14, 2019

Inner Sacred Marriage Course 

May 9-14, 2019

The Yoga Barn

Ubud, Bali

Explore your most authentic relationship path

Why are we attracted to the types of people that we usually are?

The relationship quest is one of the yogas that helps us to learn more about ourselves. However, even for those who find a wonderful partner, that alone does not create inner wholeness. In the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™, regardless of whether you have partner or not, the process of creating inner wholeness is referred to as the Sacred Marriage.

This unique course is not found anywhere else and includes ways to determine and understand our personal path to wholeness through the Inner Sacred Marriage Process and how to share that with others.

Learn how to read a chart for partnership, relationship, sexuality and intimacy

Explore and expand your view of the variety of different partnership and relationship pathways

Discover effective strategies to counter co-dependency and other relationship and sexual patterns of addiction

Discover the Inner Sacred Marriage Process to help create Wholeness, with or without a relationship

Discover how to determine past, present and future karmic links using synastry (chart comparison)

This course includes a day-long excursion to sacred astrological sites in Bali not normally seen by foreign tourists.

This is NOT Sun sign astrology and is NOT predictive. Shamanic Astrology is a paradigm which blends global astrological traditions and knowledge to create a practical and experiential system for the current age. This is one of the basic courses offered by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™, and is being presented by the founder of the school and the creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™:
Daniel Giamario
Are you interested in gaining powerful tools for creating the best relationships of your life and greater wholeness within yourself?Join us in May, 2019 and explore your most authentic relationship path.
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$770 USD

$660 USD before March 21st (Equinox)

Includes an excursion to ancient sacred sites