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SAMS News February 2007

Message from Daniel Giamario

Since last fall’s “supercouncil” meeting in Sedona, so much has been accomplished. An amazing and powerful foundation has been established for the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SM), due to the contributions of the various committees. I personally want to thank everyone who has contributed so open heartedly for this rebirth of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

I am now entering into my fifth Jupiter return and will enter my second Saturn return by September. A whole new phase of life is unfolding. It was twelve years ago that I was guided to find the Mimbres Valley in New Mexico and soon after met Elon Yurwit at Faywood Hot Springs. That time period inspired the higher octave of Shamanic Astrology, the cycles of Venus and Mars, and the discovery of two ancient sacred sites. I am really curious about this year as it unfolds a higher octave of 1995-96.

Chimney Rock: At the time of the Full Moon on January 2, I experienced the northern lunar standstill at Chimney Rock near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It was a totally clear night, perfect conditions. Paula Berliner was responsible for creating this experience and her photographs illuminate this newsletter. I had waited nineteen years to experience this master lunar standstill site in North America. What a year! The southern standstill in Scotland, and the northern standstill six months later in Colorado. I received many new insights about the cosmology and its current implication, which I will be developing over the next months.

Seven Graduated November 2006 in Faywood Ceremony

Graduation Magnificence by Teresa Kelly, Certified Shamanic Astrologer

Between the waning sunset and the rise of the voluptuous Taurus full moon, seven richly and uniquely attired women graduated from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Certification program. The energy was electric as the seven sisters laughed and cheered. The women’s inner radiance shone brightly as an Earthly mirror of the Pleiades in the night sky, embodying the as above, so below teaching central to Shamanic Astrology. An altar was laid, the circle cast and living ceremony began. With Cayelin Castell bearing witness, Daniel Giamario led the graduates in reciting the intentions of a Shamanic Astrologer. He called each woman forward and spoke to her gifts and unique journey to that moment. One by one they voiced a personal proclamation to dream the dream onward. Afterward, celebration ensued. And photos, lots of photos!

Later, in the warmth of the community room, some reflected upon what the evening meant to them. For Chere Rose, from Sedona, this was “wild dream that became a goal, that became a reality, that became a major part of my life’s work.” Eden Hersh, from Atlanta, expressed her feelings of “immense joy and honor to accomplish this goal, doing so together with such beautiful, powerful and talented women.” There were sentiments of sisterhood, commitment, accomplishment, and a sense of wonder at the synchronistic parallel of the seven sisters’ myth. Just like the Pleiades once marked the season’s change, this graduation marked the beginning of a new dimension in each of the participants’ being. From left to right, the graduates (surrounded by a plethora of spirit orbs) were Teri Bybee, Teresa Kelly, Tandra McLaughlin, Eden Hersh, Chere Rose (with Cheena), Squidge Lane and Stephanie Forrest.