Photo Journal

Photo Journal

Here you can view slide shows featuring photos from past and more recent Shamanic Astrology Events. Press any slide show to stop its forward motion. Press again to continue.

April 2008 Night Sky Cosmology Event in Arizona

Who’s in the photos: Gael, Jill, Daniel, Kathleen, Brenda, Jasmine, Cayelin, Peter, Grady, Tami, Stacy and Dog Bailey


October 2007 Shamanic Timeline Event in North Carolina

Who’s in the photos: Twila, Sakkara, Kathy, Tami, Carol, Peter, Cayelin, Lauren, Shoshanna, Lee, Patricia


March 2007 Script and Archeytpes Event in North Carolina

Who’s in the photos: Shoshanna, Cayelin, Peter, Carol, Stacy, Lauren, Patricia, Lee, Jill


March 2007 Advanced Intensive

With Full Moon Rise in the background near Tucson Arizona

Who’s in the photos: Paula, Leslee, Jasmine, Indigo, Daniel, Cayelin, Kathryn, Liz and Lawrence, Tami and Gael


Fishlake Valley Night Sky Intensive, Fall Equinox 2006

Front Row: Kora Miller, Chere Rose and Cheena
Second Row: Lawrence Taoman, Kathryn Morgan, Katy, Cathie Leavitt
Back Row: Jim Jubelirer, Daniel Giamario, Eden Hersh