Shamanic Astrology™ Lineage

We as Shamanic Astrologer’s honor our ancestors, predecessors, and the prior lineages inspiring Shamanic Astrology™ including, but not limited to:

  • The Ancient Ones
  • The Greater Shamanic Council of Light
  • Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus  and Lady Seshat of the Measuring Cord, originators of  the “As Above -So Below” Mysteries
  • The Merlin Traditions, Avalon, and the Round Table, recognizing that women and men can collaborate as equals and allies
  • Priestesses and Priests of other Ancient and Emerging Traditions who recognize the Sacred Feminine
  • The Magi, and all those who knew, like now, that it was the Turning of the Ages
  • The Great Shining Ones, and the Master Teachers of old
  • The Sky Shamans of the Anasazi and Other Native Americans
  • The Calendric Wizardry of the Maya and Inca traditions
  • The Ancient Babylonians and Sumerians, who devised the original Sidereal Zodiacs
  • The Hellenistic genius in creating a seasonal (tropical) Zodiac
  • The Contributions of the Vedic Astrologers and their work with the Lunar Mansions
  • The Contributions of the Chinese and their work with the Jupiter Cycle
  • The Contributions of Mesoamerica and Babylonia in understanding the Venus Synodic cycles
  • The Polynesian way-finders exploring the world’s oceans by the stars
  • The Way of life of Neolithic Peoples around the world
  • The Builders of the Ancient Stone Circles, Pyramids, Petroglyph Sites, Temples and other ancient Calendric Devices
  • Plus all other Earth and Sky Teachers Not In Human Form
  • And more recently The Astrosophy of Rudolph Steiner
  • The Cosmology of Dane Rudhyar
  • The Archetypal Vision of C.G. Jung

Gratitude and Appreciation for all those who have come before whom inspire us in our ability to dream the dream onward.

We as Shamanic Astrologers are committed to the fullest expression of life grounded on the foundation of As Above-So Below, As Within-So Without; a life recognizing and celebrating the union between Soul and Spirit, between Land and Sky, between Feminine and Masculine, between Body and Mind and between Shadow and Light.

We are committed to a Life of Service, in facilitating the assistance of any sentient being desiring connection or reconnection to the magical link between Earth and the Heavens. Our highest priority and deepest motivation is love; and it is our love of the Magical connection between Land and Sky, and the Celestial Cycles, which animates our great privilege and joy in participating and co-creating with ‘Great Mystery.’

We believe this experience and commitment eliminates fear, separation, power over others, false classes and hierarchies, and other relationships not in accordance with Spirit. We believe this experience and commitment facilitates greater understanding, acceptance, inspiration and support for the joyous fulfillment of our individual and collective destinies. And as in the words of Carl Jung we are committed to participating in “Dreaming the Dream Onward.”

And so it is!!!