Access to Online Webinar Series March-April 2020

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How to Navigate 2020 through 2021?  This video explores the intent (and reality already occurring) of the significant planetary alignments happening now and in the months to come. This is a followup to Daniel’s presentation given during our 2017 Preparing for 2020 Summit posted below the class video. We highly recommend you watch this 2017 video before you watch the replay. 

Navigating 2020 and 2021

Daniel’s 2017 presentation on 2020

The Foundational Elements of how the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm operates can be helpful in these uncertain times. Daniel shares about the 144 Story Lines and other features of this paradigm giving you a personal understanding that can be helpful now. More than ever, tools to be in alignment with Life Purpose are essential. Also covered in this hour long presentation are the Philosophical and Spiritual foundations of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™, Including Rudhyar, Jung, Sri Aurobindo, Steiner and others.

Archetypes of Rising Sign and Job in Tribe 

Quotes shared in the Video

Jung, Rudhyar, Steiner, Sri Aurobindo natal charts

Replay: Diving into the Shadow (and Gifts) of Aquarius With Saturn in Aquarius and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the horizon, as well as 2021’s Saturn square with Uranus, this sharing updates last year’s deep dive into the Aquarius Mystery School, the Light and Shadow; Utopia or Technocratic Dystopia. We will look at the promise and dangers of trans-humanism and the “singularity”, and the survival of Planet Earth. It is highly recommended you listen to the audio presentation by Daniel posted below. 

Helpful Articles

Transcript from a talk by Dr. Kelly Brogan – Navigating Fear & Uncertainty

BONUS Material – Shadow of Aquarius 

This is Daniel Giamario’s Tucson Astrologer’s Guild Presentation on March 8, 2019.  You will hear introductions at the beginning of the 1st part of the talk, then diving into a powerful inquiry of the shadow of the sign of Aquarius. Part 1 of 2 – Shadow of Aquarius (1 hour, 14 minutes)

Part 2 of 2 – Shadow of Aquarius (47 minutes)

Now through April 3 Venus is in a rare super close alignment with the Pleiades.
This 9 minute video has images and tells more of the story.

Replay: Preview of coming events not already covered. For example: the upcoming new Venus and Mars Cycles and a time to ask questions and share insights. Also helpful here is to listen to our Solstice 2019 event. Content for looking ahead at 2020 begins at 22:32 minutes. Video replay of the live event will be posted here after the live event completes.

Gemini 2020-2022 Venus Gates and here are details to join the Gemini Venus Journey with extra special early registration specials (see video at bottom of page)

Mercury Synodic Cycles 2020-21

2020-2022 Mars Cycle

More on Eris with Eris Table showing the degrees of Aries where Eris has been since 1922 (in and out until the end of 1926) then permanently in Aries from 1927 to 2044 and then in and out into 2048.

Baten Kaitos Belly of the Whale where Mars begins a new cycle in October

Aboriginal Australian Prophecy

Daniel’s most treasured resources

2020 Webinar 4 Slides



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5 minute look at the New Gemini Goddess coming onto the world stage June 09, 2020
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