A Gemini Teaching

by Mary Kern

I have heard it said a gift is never received until it is “fully” appreciated. I woke one morning recently with a grateful heart for the gift of my eldest sister, Dee. Our Shamanic Astrology paradigm allows me to see the flow of her soul and the beautiful gift she brought with her past mastery in Capricorn, (Capricorn Moon) perhaps patriarchal but dedicated to organizing and creating operating instructions to align community “in formation”.

Her current life intent (Rising Sign) was to evolve a higher level, a new octave of this Capricorn energy. This so perfectly aligns with what our collective consciousness now is dynamically exploring. Dee’s life story points the way to help us all navigate the seemingly current chaos.

Dee’s Venus, her current life version of the Sacred Feminine, is in Gemini. Learning Gemini gave her the capacity to bring imagination, humor and mischief to the world as an advocate to her higher octave of Capricorn.

She taught middle school for over fifty years employing her Gemini humor and its disarming, childlike innocence combined with the animated innocence of a Taurus Mercury, Sun and IC (in the 5th house) to illuminate, cajole, and playfully open space for what could otherwise be unruly, defiant, autonomous-seeking teen-aged behavior. What a trickster gift she had to get kids to do what they were asked to do.

Dee’s story has been a way-shower, always imaging how to create a higher order, a way to serve the whole and a way to give love and guidance to any misalignments. Her creative imagination with her patience and passion (Mars in Pisces, job in Scorpio)  drew co-operation that could on some occasions be felt as disarming and uncomfortable – by her students and peers—including her siblings! 

Youngest Sis Carol, Mary and Eldest Sis Dee

It is not always comfortable to merge one’s independent self into something more cohesive and powerful and trust another’s prescribed path.

Dee could facilitate, like a conductor, the tempo and temperature of the moment nudging others to see and act beyond the smaller self.  She held membership in many civic-minded organizations.

After explaining her soul’s blueprint to her she asked me, “Is that why I always call things out in a group?” She really couldn’t resist taking leadership, announcing her views on how to proceed, a free electron quality complimenting her Capricorn rising.

Once, when my sisters complained about Dee’s assertiveness, one of Daniel Giamario’s quips leaped from my lips, “If you are a pickpocket all you see are pockets”and I added, “if you are a double Capricorn all you see are things that need to be organized for a better outcome”.

With Venus (representing the Sacred Feminine) entering a new Synodic Cycle  in Gemini on June 09, 2020, we have at hand this same Gemini energy to assist us in creating a new operating manual for planet Earth.

What can we imagine to be a perfect New World?
How will we enlist the help of other like-minded souls to make it happen?

2020 Vision and 2020 Hindsight

I sense Great Mystery has lined up an energy cohort to assist here.

A hint was given through the channel, Darryl Anka, who brought us these words from a higher being named Bashar:

2020 is a critical energetic pivot point symbolized by the year itself. 2020 represents both the ideas that I have a “clear 2020 vision forward” but also “hindsight is 2020”.  

This suggests we are in the midst of getting clear on what it is we can choose moving forward, what it is we wish to bring with us and what it is we need to discard.

2020 is the pivot point to not just use our Gemini crazy wisdom imagination to imagine the world in which we wish to live, but as Bashar explains, to also choose to align with what we want and

take the actions that are indicative of the kind of actions we would take if we are already living in the version of Earth that we prefer.” 

In other words, we will need to incorporate the new Sacred Masculine energy as Mars enters a new cycle in the overtone of Aries on June 27, 2020 – the fiery, actional energy of the protector of family, country and cosmic order.

Over these next couple years we are given opportunity to marry our masculine actional energy with our passion for the Feminine Creative Gemini vision of a New World.

When the passion of our vision is married with action, without attachment to the outcome, it creates the energetic flow needed to manifest. We are moving into two sacred cycles needed to assist this co-creation a new reality.

I celebrated Dee’s birthday on April 25 and her sudden passing five days later on April 29, 2019. I am only now fully receiving the gift of her presence and the teaching of her own mythical story. My eldest sister and best friend, Dee, has been my way shower, profound teacher and blessing.


  1. THANKS, a BEAUTIFUL SHARE from a CAPRICORN and also a retired TEACHER! I felt sad for you and others that she has departed, yet know that she’s more able to communicate with you NOW than before! God Bless HER and ALL of you, Her DEAR SISTERS!

    • Dear Dorothy,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments. Dee had such a beautiful and full life raising twin grandchildren and caring for her husband’s mentally challenged niece–not to mention helping me repeatedly when my life went sideways. She was never judgmental.
      And yes, I am so fortunate to have really gotten who she is and loved her even more for it. I love the SAMS paradigm especially for this reason. It is a portal to understanding and loving others in way like no other understanding that I know allows.
      Bless you for all the sacrifice and giving you have done as an educator. Helping other find structure and meaning and understanding what they value is so important. We so need and celebrate all places on the wheel of life!

  2. Beautiful article Mary! I love the sharing about putting our energy solely on what we want to create now – so completely important in my view too. It takes discipline and commitment, but is essential. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Sheridan,
      I note there are multiple models for co-creating with Great Mystery–including staying present so we move out of the duality and separation that abounds arounds us. Imagining into the world we envision without attachment is making this same sort of statement. Our heart-centered desire is a magnetic energy while staying detached from the outcome allows us to stay in center–the still point. What triggers us away from this is often there to teach us something. It feels like we are in the “Wild West” of this new frontier.

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