2010 June 21 Solstice

by Cayelin K Castell

This is a partial Lunar Eclipse about 40%

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The 2010 Summer Solstice is exact at 4:30 am PDT on June 21. This marks the movement of the Sun into zero Cancer and completes a Grand Cross of energy marked by Jupiter and Uranus at zero Aries, Saturn (28 Virgo 14) almost at zero Libra returning to the zero Libra point in late July, and Pluto at 4 Capricorn. On June 26 there will be a partial Lunar eclipse with the Moon at 4 Capricorn conjunct Pluto near the Galactic Cross.

This opens a two week window from the Lunar Eclipse to the Total Solar Eclipse on July 11… this means we are entering the Eclipse Cauldron taking us between the worlds of what is ending and what is beginning.

This is the closest eclipse acceleration with Pluto at the Galactic Cross for at least 248 years. However by then the Solstice point will have precessed off the Galactic Cross by almost 3.5 degrees. This suggests that this Solstice eclipse window is accelerating the process of bringing all the shadow material of the past 26,000 years to light especially around the Middle World control programs that have been in place personally and collectively.

Much is hidden from our conscious knowing, much of this shadow we have chosen not to know for various reasons. There is no judgment about this as good or bad… but rather it is about realizing now is the time to again remember, awaken and embrace the truth of who we are and why we are here. It is up to us to choose to participate with the unfolding Great Mystery!

Stay tuned for more about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on July 11…

Total Solar Eclipse


    • The energies of the current planetary alignments are creating many different feelings…as we go through such radical changes it can cause feelings of sadness (loss of what has been) and sometimes that is mixed with relief that some things are finally coming to an end. And…there are also feelings of anticipation, joy, excitement, apprehension and or fear about what is emerging. Sometimes they may even be happening simultaneously. Being present these feelings is the best way to move through them…

  1. Thanks once again for the heads up. It is all happening so quickly – that which we have been waiting for. Happy Summer Solstice All.


  2. Cayelin, thanks for the brief overview. As I write, the top of my head feels like it is coming off! So much energy coming through today and all of this week.

    Letting go of the old, even with the best of intentions, is never easy. One always wonders whether one is choosing to let go the right things and to keep the correct ones. I suspect this is an excellent time to retreat, meditate, pray, and assess the possibilities for the future. In a couple weeks, we can really begin anew.

    • Thank you Jo…you comment is exactly right on…everyone will benefit from following there guidance and being with what IS for them as we go through this portal…

  3. Allowing the chains that bind us from the past break is like giving birth…its painful, but we must remember with birthing out the old…a new child with in is born.
    Family matters have been so difficult, standing in the Light and holding the energy needed more than going into the dramas and pain…but it hurts to see out loved ones in pain and anger…especially when they blame us.

    • Yes, yes, yes…your words remind me of one of the Four Agreements – not to take what others do or say personally.

      Much easier said than done but perhaps if can hold the space of compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, as well as those who are acting out of there pain, it can help even if it is just a little…every little bit helps!

  4. Thanks for your work!

    This morning, before I had time to think about anything, or figure out the activities of my day, I hauled out the vacuum, and began clearing out all the old cobwebs that had accumulated in the past year on the first floor of the house. Lots I hadn’t seen lurking there as well.

    How’s that for literally getting rid of the old and readying for the new? 🙂

  5. Thanks for much for all of your work. I especially love the Magdalene sisterhood with rights of initiation. There is so much sadness that I am feeling right now as Solstice. I just read the passage piece of your mother dying and I am grieving deeply for the loss of my own mother whom I was not very close with. How I long for the relationship that you had with your mother and the process of a conscious dying process. My mother was just as sick with cancer as yours and she also was in denial until it was too late. She chose not to seek help but sent home to die with all the drugs she could take in. Poor precious spirit struggled and suffered so much. She died on May 11, 2010, resisting with total fear and anger. Today is her birthday and the combination of both solstice and a near eclipse has flattened me out. What a time to experience all of this letting go.

    • Sending love, light, and joyful blessings to you and your Mom as she journeys on the other side. I honor your grief! I still grieve my Mom almost 12 years later but that first year was the definitely the greatest grief. Every death has its own gifts and blessings along with its challenges no matter how it may first appear. I trust you will discover what they are for you as you surrender to the grief of this loss.

      For those who are not familiar with the story of my Mother’s passing here is the link http://celestialtimings.com/timings/merilyn.html

  6. Hi Cayelin:

    What can I say but ditto…so very true. These past few months have been something else. Emotionally but physically as well and the ‘dramas’ that people around us are creating so they won’t shift though they know they must. Even those people ‘we as lightworkers’ had taken under our wings and helped out in various ways including financially it is now time for us to give them their wings to fly…and guess what…they don’t want to and the dramas continue and are actually becoming academy award winning scenarios…but we who hold the light for those that can’t or won’t come into it…are just that Light Bearers…and so I say “welcome to the Light” !!! Blessings…Lucia

  7. Thank you for the insight. I did not know what was happening to me yesterday. I mopped the kitchen floor, got my computer room re-organized, started to seriously thing of the future and releasing all of my hooks into the past. Even to the point of having a pint of blood taken off today. I have hemochromatosis and have not had a blood draw for over a years. It’s like a special cleansing. The feeling of wonderment for whatever happens in the future is increasing. I welcome all changes as guided by universal wisdom.

  8. Caylin, Thank you for the insight. I did not know what was hapening to me yesterday. My energy has been so low lately and have has a strong feeling of sadness. Yesterday I had a burst of enery, I cleaned my kitchen floor on my hands and knees, got my computer room re-organized, Started to seriously think about the future and the need torelease all of my hooks into the past. Even to the point of having a pint of blood taken off today, ( releasing the old Iron that was tearing my body down). I have hemochromatosis and have not had a blood draw for over a year. It’s like a special cleansing for me. I have the deep sense that whatever happens in the future will lead to all of our cleansing and healing. I welcome all changes as being guided by Universal Wisdom and Love

  9. My baby was born between these two eclipses, on June 30th. On the lunar eclipse we had a birth circle, and I felt strongly that he is connected to the moon and would arrive around the eclipse (2 weeks early according to due date). It feels significant, but I wonder what it means.

  10. The under world is making its arrival…this is day 4 or so….The earths energy is grouping into grapefruit-sized balls of pure red orb…burning numerous shadows onto the ground, beneath it {i.e.-recorded 4 months ago approx.} And now the gates are opening…I have personally taken photographical evidence of such occurrence, and two other relevant events….The underworld is arising. Is that spose to happen?

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