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Long Awaited Synodic Cycle Software is Finally HERE

by Daniel Giamario

One of the most unique and powerful tools and techniques of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm is how we apply the synodic cycles of the visible planets, particularly Venus, Mars and Mercury. The synodic cycles have to do with the planets relationship to the Sun at the time of birth.

Since becoming aware of the power and magic of these cycles in the 1990’s, when I was researching ancient sacred sites in New Mexico and Nevada, I have written many articles on the synodic cycles, beginning with the groundbreaking articles in the Mountain Astrologer magazine in 1997-1998.

Synodic cycle returns are among the most powerful tools of a shamanic astrologer. So much so, an entire SAMS intensive is dedicated to learning these cycles and incorporating them into a practice.

(Note: we plan on offering another Synodic Cycles course next March at Faywood Hot Springs)

Sky Engine Astrology Software

For over 20 years now, Cayelin and I have organically been developing an evolving model for how to use these cycles as part of psychological and spiritual development.
Now, for the first time, astrological software is available to track, explore, and research these synodic cycles from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School perspective.  An old friend of the school, Adam Gainsburg, along with software genius, Jeffrey Close of Astrological Bureau of Ideas, have developed a comprehensive astrological software package called Sky Engine that includes the SAMS version of the synodic cycles.

The truly great thing about the Sky Engine software is it will not only run future Synodic Cycles of Mercury, Venus and Mars (Jupiter and Saturn are also included in the program) from the SAMS perspective but it will also run the entire set of synodic cycles for yourself or your clients. This makes researching and looking up these cycles instantaneous. No other astrology software has this feature.

Adam and Jeffrey have also included many ancient and modern techniques of understanding and researching synodic cycles. The software includes Hellenistic and Babylonian techniques, as well as several approaches used by the very few current day modern astrologers who understand the importance of these cycles.

For all these reasons, I greatly recommend Sky Engine to be your astrological software. Please note that in addition to the unique feature of running synodic cycles, this software can do all the things that other astrological software can do like running natal, progressed, and transit charts and much more. PLUS as an added bonus, Sky Engine works on both MAC’s and PC’s.

This is also a great way to support the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School when you buy this software from the link on the SAMS website a percentage of the proceeds goes directly to support the School. You can go to any of the Shamanic Astrology web pages and scroll down until you see the Sky Engine Icon on the lower right of the page.  Click right on Icon and it will take you to the order page or you can simply click here:

Be a part of the synodic cycle renaissance! A truly ancient technique now at the leading edge of astrology in this remarkable time that is the Turning of the Ages.


  1. This looks absolutely amazing. Just a question, though: Does this software include Vedic astrological techniques? Many thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. @Anne, I don’t it would. Astrology has many branches though I would like to see a Vedic option. I am interested in astrology as a psycho-therapeutic tool – is this software appropriate to that?

    • Hi Mandy, The Sky Engine is mainly for western astrologers, but it may have a vedic option. To be certain, I would use the Solar Fire Gold software which is also sold on this website. Thanks!

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