Shamanic Astrology Saved My Life

by Pati Hope

Maybe not literally . . . or did it?

I had been married for thirty years and had four adult children when my life fell apart  – some kind of ‘Pluto thing’ I think.

pati_hiking3_sm2-resized-image-200x200When Life Happened, as I refer to it, within a three year period, my sister, mom and grandma-friend, all died. My husband had a stroke, our business was bankrupt (surprise!) and my four children were leaving home for college. Around this time, one of my kids was diagnosed with crone’s disease and had emergency stomach surgery, then I got a divorce.

I saw these events as things that needed to be fixed. But the more that I tried to fix them and control the issues at hand, the more intense things became as a way to force me to let go. I don’t know the Shamanic Astrology terms but in the work that I do now, I call this The Invitation to Become Real and to do this, you have to learn how to trust, let go, and receive.

I had been working for the Catholic Church for many years and during this intense time in my life their answer was to, “Pray more, give more, and do more.” I’ve been doing that! That’s not working.

The doctors said, “You’ll be fine, you just need hormones, anti-depressants and sleeping pills.” (In affect, they were saying we’ll just put you out through this next cycle in your life.) “Uh, no thanks. You did that for my mother and my sister and they’re both dead!”

I kept saying to anyone and everyone who would listen. “Somebody out there has to know something!” I was very steeped in conservatism at this point and so for me to ask the question and be open to non-traditional suggestions shows how desperate I was.

One friend said to me, “You should call Daniel Giamario.”

“Give me the number!” I replied.

I didn’t know what Daniel did or who he was, but I made the call. I was living in northern California at the time and had no idea that he was in Portland, Oregon. However, when I got the directions, I got in the car and drove to see him.

What he said to me was the only thing that made any sense at that time in my life. He told me who I used to be, and why I’m here in this life and what I’m here to investigate. What he said to made total sense. He even described that while I was the mother of four children, I wasn’t the smooshy kind of mom. So instead of feeling bad that I wasn’t like all the other mothers, I felt empowered… and understood and that it was okay to be the kind of mom that I was.

I love that in Shamanic Astrology everyone gets a valid place on the wheel of life and all places have an offering, and all places have a place of honor and everyone is free to be who they were created to be! I LOVE THAT!Pati-Cayelin photo

When I told Daniel that I felt like a failure, because I couldn’t commit to any one thing, he reassured me that I was on the right track. He said; “Pati, if anyone has proven that they can commit, it’s you. You’ve committed to a marriage for an entire Saturn Cycle (30 years) and not many can say they have done that. Now the real question, at this point is can you make an even bigger commitment to you. Do you feel worthy enough to receive self nourishment?” (I’m Taurus Rising)

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details of my moving forward in life. I’ve taken several classes, met amazing people and have found my path, or at least had it verified by Shamanic Astrology.

I would like to thank Daniel, Cayelin, Peter, Angie and all the lovely friends that I’ve had the honor of being in classes with over the past ten or so years.

I would not be where I am today without having been lead to this stepping-stone on my journey to live a full, joy-filled life.

Thank you, Shamanic Astrologers for what you do for people like me.


Pati Hope is the founder of Evolve to Live, Self-Care and Transition Specialist. ETL provides information, products and services to help others navigate through life’s many changes They accomplish this through coaching, energetic body work  (on land and in the water). They also facilitate ETL Playshops, to help to remove life long obstacles that keep one from finding their joy and passion for life.

Pati has authored two books, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, Just Not Now! And GPS for Living, A Practical Guide for Surviving Change. She’s currently traveling and working on her third book, A Year in a Suitcase, The story of a woman’s shedding everything she owned while on a journey of self-discovery.


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