The Magic of the Number Thirteen

by 2010 SolsticeCayelin Castell

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What Is Up With the Number 13?
Some say, like the ancient Celtic and Norse peoples, 13 is a LUCKY number, and on Friday the 13th they took time to celebrate the Goddess because Friday is named after Freya the Norse name for Venus and 13 is her sacred number.

So Friday the 13th was the perfect day to make love or do other ceremonies in honor of the Goddess.  Plus, there are 5 Venus cycles that occur every 8 years and in that 8 years Venus goes around the Sun 13 times. This links to the Fibonacci Sequence because 8 plus 5 equals 13.

For many 13 represents the return of the Divine Feminine including the mysteries connected with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia representing the natural rhythms and cycles coming into sacred balance. 13 is also thought to be the essence of the empowered and embodied Christed Feminine. Some say 13 is a number that transcends matter and is coded with the frequencies of Ascension, Oneness and Unity that transforms all things. Since 13 is a prime number it is only divisible by itself representing purity – as 13 then is incorruptible and exists within its own integrity.

Turtle NumbersPlus, 13 is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Many ancient secret societies and mystery schools understood that the number 13 represented death and rebirth through ascension into eternal life and it represented the secret knowledge of all life including sacred sexuality. It is synchronistic that the 13th card in the Tarot is the Death card and the 13th rune in the Norse alphabet “Eiwaz” is also linked with the balance between light and dark, death and rebirth, the Heavens and the Underworld.

Turtles are considered to represent the ancient wisdom of the Earth, with 13 segments on their shells.  Now many believe this has to do with what is called the true Lunar Calendar. However, 13 is just one of the sacred numbers for the Moon along with 12, 19, and 29.5. More about the sacred numbers of the Moon will come later.

The Egyptians described 13 steps on the ladder that leads to eternity and the thirteenth step was where the soul reached the source of its self and attained spiritual completion. Interestingly, the word reincarnation has 13 letters. In Arthurian Legend, Merlin guards the 13 Treasures of Britain.

The Sacred Chord of the Druids had 13 segments and that there are 13 Doctrines of the Bards. The flag of the United States of America has 13 horizontal stripes 6 white and 7 red and the original flag had 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies. The U.S. Government Great Seal has 13 stars, 13 arrows, 13 berries, 13 stripes and 13 leaves, as well as two 13 letter phrases.

For example: the Latin phrase on the Great Seal e pluribus unum has 13 letters and means “out of the many, one” or “one from many” or “many uniting into one”. On the back of the Great Seal it says Annuit cœptis. This phrase is take from the Latin words annuo meaning “to nod” or “to approve”, and coeptum meaning “commencement, or undertaking”. This phrase is literally translated as, “He approves of the undertakings” or “He has approved of the undertakings”.  He refers to God.

Some say 13 is a unifying vibration that activates the solar light body. Said another way it is the 12 around 1. The One is us and each One is integrating the twelve archetypes of the signs that when embodied and expressed through each of us is the 12 around 1 or 12 in the One. Together the 12 in 1 becomes 13 and then we truly know the experience of Unity within the Diversity. We are the One who the twelve circle. So each One of us is essential to the whole as we make up the 1 in the number 13. After all Christ had 12 disciples so he himself was the 13th.

Over the years, the elite who hold the power of commerce, government, religious institutions, etc. have successfully instilled fear around the number 13. It has been viewed as a most unlucky number when actually it is just the opposite. Instilling fear of the number 13 was a way to disconnect the masses from this powerful divine source energy. It is time once again, to remember that the vibration of 13 helps us to realign with source energy and our own healing.

MoonThe Moon and the Number 14
Usually there are only 12 Full Moons from the December Solstice to the next December Solstice or from January 1 to January 1 depending on your starting point. When we understand the nature of the Moon cycle it becomes clear that both the number 12 and 13 are sacred numbers of the Moon.

This is because the Moon takes 27.3 days to return to the same sign and degree but it takes the Moon 29.5 days to return to the same lunation (i.e. Full Moon to Full Moon). The number 27.3 divides into a year about 13 times and the number 29.5 divides into a year about 12 times. That means most years we only have 12 Full Moons.

Most people who insist the only sacred number of the Moon is 13 do not realize that we do NOT have 13 Full Moons or New Moons every year. 13 Full Moons occur about every three years.  (See Understanding the Blue Moon)

As an expression of its trickster reputation the 13th Full Moon of any solar cycle is always in Gemini, bringing to light the more playful, creative and fun side of life. Celebrating, networking, socializing, doing something fun and entertaining are all great ways to enjoy and engage a 13th Full Moon energy. If what you are doing is not fun, is there a way to make it fun or to do something else that is more creative and fun?  If what you are doing is not especially fun is it leading to something that is more FUN? If not then why are you doing it?

Friday the 13th occurs in these months:
2020 March and November (Leap Year)
2021 August
2022 May
2023 January, October
2024 September, December (Leap Year)
2025 June
2026 February, March, November
2027 August
2028 October (Leap Year)
2029 April, July
2030 September, December
2031 June
2032 February, August (Leap Year)
2033 May
2034 January, October
2035 April, July
2036 June (Leap Year)
2037 February, March, November 
2038 August
2039 May
2040 January, April, July (Leap Year) 



  1. HEY!!!!!! HOW DID YOU GUYS KNOW ALL OF THAT!!!???? Spot on for me personally…I’m Janae Fechner and I was born on May 13th,1994 on a Friday,
    On the 113th day of that year
    At 1:13pm and 26 seconds
    I am currently 26.
    I am magical I think and would like to know how to use it.
    Thanks the amount of magic is getting a little too weird and scares me sometimes.😳😁

    • Weird i just came back to this and i had no idea i had read it AND NOW I COME ACROSS THIS COMMENT I FORGOT ABOUT AS WELL

      • I totally get it Janae as I have read articles I read before or even written and been have amazed either barely remembering them or not remembering them at all! Love all the 13 confirmation of your birthday. Plus this month has a Friday the 13th and that only happens once up to three times a year! WOW…and YES you are magical. We are all magical and we can choose to live a magical life as I explained in this interview

  2. Love these insights about the number 13 as it has been showing up like crazy. It repeats in minutes on the TV the phone, digital clocks and more. At first I felt afraid and now I feel a beautiful energy of love having been led to you and the insights you share about 13 .. Thank you very much for the valuable information it was useful ❤️

    • I had and still experiencing the same thing😮 I felt little bit wierd but I see many 13th numbers in television programmes, YouTube channels descriptions, book pages, in my watch the seconds and minutes. Sometimes I wakes up in the middle of the night, and when I check the watch it says ….the minute 13…I mean many times😮

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