Skywatcher’s Corner – Using Mars to Find Aries

By J. Awen Labow, Managing Director

Ares, the name for the God of War among the ancient Greeks later became known as Mars to the Romans. We give the name Mars to our red-hued planet, and NOT the name “Ares,” but the name “Aries,” which comes from the Latin for “ram” – to the first sign of the zodiac. In most circles, the name “Aries” is also given to the constellation depicting a ram. In order to dispel at least some of this confusion, in the SAMS, we refer to the zodiac sign as Aries and the constellation as The Ram. So, in truth, we are not using Mars (aka Ares) to find Aries, but rather to find The Ram! Phew!

And how fortunate we are on these cool winter nights to have a helper in our search for one of the most inconspicuous and unremarkable constellations in the sky! Still, it is located very near to the ecliptic, so it is certainly worthy of our attention. 

You may recall from a former post the Great Square of Pegasus and how it can be useful to find the March Equinox point (aka 0˚ Aries). Mars has now moved into the sign of Taurus where it also enters the constellation of The Ram. The Ram is a very small constellation only composed of a few stars, the brightest of which, Hamal, is only the 50th brightest star in the sky at a magnitude of +2.0. 

Even so, it is best to try to spot Hamal first. It is located above and to the left of Mars over the next few weeks. After locating Hamal, look for the other two stars on either side of Hamal that form a line. It is difficult to picture any sort of image, let alone conceive of a ram from this faint grouping of stars, but at least we can use Hamal to aid us in locating the ecliptic by drawing a line to the nearby Pleiades. 

It takes a bit of imagination and persistence to be dazzled by such a nondescript portion of the sky, but having Mars there makes it much easier. Once you get the hang of spotting The Ram, add in the fact that Uranus is there as well! Invisible to our naked eyes, Mars will be crossing Uranus on January 20th giving us a wonderful opportunity to “see” what isn’t there in a part of the sky we ordinarily wouldn’t pay any attention to.

I hope you take the opportunity Mars presents to get to know this often neglected part of the sky, and with Mars conjuncting Uranus, who knows what unexpected sights may be in store as well!

2021 Schedule of Events


  1. Monthly Vlogcasts with Daniel Giamario at the Full Moon…with various guests from SAMS
  2. Monthly calls at the New Moon for SAMS members, usually with Daniel, Mary Kern, and Erik Roth.
  3. Quadrant Zoom calls for members at the Cross Quarters, with the Founders.  Next call is the Air Quadrant on January 31, 2021 at 5:00pm PST.
  4. Special presentations for everyone at the times of the Equinoxes and Solstices.  There will be one at this coming March Equinox with Daniel and Cayelin with a deeper dive into the Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius “Great Mutation”; as well as the Age of Aquarius deception.

Traditionally, SAMS does a free presentation at the June Solstice, and a fundraiser at the December Solstice.

  1. Regular Mentoring Zoom classes with Daniel Giamario, for everyone, at the First Quarter Moon times, each month, starting in February, at first quarter Moon.  This first one will likely happen February 18th.  Stay tuned for details.  These zoom classes will alternate between chart analysis mentoring and specific topics for inquiry.  The February class will be on the challenges presented by Saturn and/or Pluto to a man’s Venus or a woman’s Mars, either nataly or by transit.


Over the course of the year, SAMS will present special events, special zoom classes and teleclasses.

So far, one is scheduled: A Mars Synodic Cycle seminar with Daniel Giamario and Erik Roth coming up on January 19th at 5:00pm PST.  Information on this is in the current newsletter.  

Others coming up will include classes on the Mars/Venus Sagas.  Also more on the Nodal Cycles and Eclipse Cycles of 2021.

2020 End of Year Letter from SAMS President

Beginner’s Corner – December 2020

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We have two questions this month! Thanks to you two for submitting your questions!

#1 Could you please list in order the steps to look at a chart?

Yes! This is an excellent question!

In Shamanic Astrology, the birth chart is broken down into three acts. You could think of it like the three movements of a symphony. The first act is the lineage. The second act has to do with your tools and strategies. The third act concerns your current life purpose.  Read More

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius…What? Again?

By Daniel Giamario

That is the title of this month’s NEW MOON Vlog-cast**.

I previewed this month’s Vlog-cast with a Facebook post last Tuesday that I will share here now, in case you haven’t seen it. I am also including in this article some additional interesting information about the “Age of Aquarius” issue. And then, near the end of the video, speculation on what was the identity of the “Christmas Star”.

There have been, these past weeks, numerous articles and presentations concerning the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the December Solstice.  A great deal of what I have seen includes a large amount of misinformation.  This is a large subject which is why we shall do an entire VLOG on this next week. Read More