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Twelve Tribes CD

This is a multi-dimensional guided journey through the Shamanic Astrology archetypes written and narrated by Cayelin Castell and featuring original sound healing music performed by John Dumas. CD is $23 including shipping.

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Shamanic Astrology Radio Show CD with Daniel Giamario

This 13 show series covers the basic teachings of Shamanic Astrology. Topics include the Moon, Venus, Mars and the Rising Sign from the lens of Shamanic Astrology. Also there are several quest interviews including Caroline Casey (visionary astrologer and activist), Cayelin Castell (co-founder and creative director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School), John Major Jenkins (author of several books on 2012) and Bill Johnston (director of Project Hindsight). All 13 Shows are now available on a CD for $22.00 including shipping.

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