Readings by Daniel

Shamanic Astrology Readings
with Daniel Giamario

I have always felt that a live soul-to-soul connection is what astrological counseling is all about. The exactness and precision possible is directly proportional to the amount of feed back. To maximize your experience with your phone reading, you will receive an intro CD and written materials explaining in detail the Shamanic Astrology system and the overall context of your session. Then call me for a 75 minute phone consultation. Payment is due 2 weeks in advance of your session.

New Client Procedure

Be sure to provide:

  • Complete birth data including the DATE, TIME (exact as possible) and PLACE.
  • A list of questions, or any information pertaining to your intent for the session.
  • Your picture. This is optional, and the picture will be returned if requested.
  • You may include birth data for up to three significant others in your life for comparison with your chart. Add $15.00 for each additional chart you wish to have me calculate.

Upon receiving your request, I will send an introductory CD along with some written materials, fully explaining the background needed to gain maximum benefit from the phone session. After listening to the introduction, call me to set up your phone session. Usually this can be scheduled within two to four weeks.

Email Daniel to schedule an appointment at

There is no light without shadow and no psychic wholeness without imperfection. To round itself out, life…calls not for perfection but for completeness: and for this the “thorn in the flesh” is needed, the suffering of defects without which there is no progress and no ascent. -C.G. Jung


Daniel Giamario is the Founder and Director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and creator of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm. He joins together an academic background in Comparative Philosophy and Spirituality, with teaching meditation in two worldwide organizations, and extensive world travel. Daniel learned astrology in the late 1960’s and was part of Dane Rudhyar’s humanistic astrological movement in the 1970’s. After a vision quest experience on Mount Shasta in 1981, his astrological vision and spiritual path became more earth centered and a shamanically oriented astrology was born. For many years, his specialty has been connecting astrology to the night sky at secluded locations and sacred sites to directly experience the reality of “As Above So Below”. He has been a full time astrological consultant since 1984.

Shamanic Astrology has evolved as a rich blend of psychological, mythological, spiritual, and shamanistic elements, specifically designed to assist in the unfoldment of the individual’s life purpose and in navigating this pivotal point of the Turning of the Ages.

In the early 1990’s, Daniel Giamario, with the help of Cayelin Castell, began the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, a land based, nomadic, and virtual curriculum for training counseling and therapeutic professionals in the use of the most important astrological tools and techniques.

Daniel’s first book, The Shamanic Astrology Handbook, is available and a variety of other Shamanic Astrology books are in development. He has written numerous articles for Mountain Astrologer magazine and other publications. In 2013 he authored the Shamanic Astrology Divination Card Deck, currently available from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. Over the last 30 years, Daniel traveled extensively, teaching workshops all over the country in over thirty locations. He is currently travelling less, except for some regularly scheduled events in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School curriculum, as well as creating and producing workshops in exotic locations, such as Callanish in Scotland, Bali, and the Philippines.

Daniel’s twin passions are the growing of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School’s body of knowledge, as well as continued research in the answering of the question:”Who are we? And what the Hell Happened?”

Daniel lives with his wife Lynne, going back and forth between Southern Arizona, Hawaii and South Asia. and is available for in person and phone consultations, lectures and workshops. Daniel Giamario is a lively and stimulating radio and television guest and has hosted his own radio show on the Seventh Wave Network and other networks over the years.