December Solstice Online Celebration

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Daniel and Cayelin explore the most important astrological events of 2017 in the first hour and take a deeper look into the Paths of Spirituality the second hour. The third hour begins with a guided meditation and a look at what the Solstice time means followed by Q and A that helps to clarify the first two hours.

Listen below to Daniel and Cayelin discuss this Solstice Event

Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell on the December Solstice – Right Click to Download

The First Hour – 2017 Astrological Events

  • The Events surrounding the 2016 December Solstice
  • The Nodal Axis shifting into Leo/Aquarius and how to work with it (featuring Regulus with the North Node for the first part of the year and what it means)
  • Saturn’s Last Year in Sagittarius
  • The Eclipses of 2017 (a Total Solar Eclipse in August visible in much of the United States)
  • A Look at the Synodic Cycles of Venus and Mars for 2017 with a New Venus Cycle Beginning in March
  • The Last Phase of the Uranus Pluto Square with Jupiter Activating them Both
  • And Much More

The SAMS June Solstice teleclass was amazing! Incredible and timely insights from Daniel and Cayelin and a fun group. Even though I’ve been a student of Shamanic Astrology for 10 years now, I still had a few “ah-hah!” moments from the information that was shared. I highly recommend a listen – the time will fly as you enjoy the class. Peter


The Second Hour. The 12 Paths of Spirituality Exploring:

  • How to Determine Your Intended Path of Spirituality
  • The Paths of Spirituality expressed through their Modality
  • Using the ASC and Jupiter as your Spiritual Path and Life Purpose
  • The Dharma of each Spiritual Path
  • The Yoga of each Spiritual Path
  • The Essence of each Spiritual Path



Wow, Wow, Wow. You have completely blown me away with this Solstice class. I feel a whole new understanding of my life’s journey is available to me and I am so grateful to have been a part of this special event. ~Catherine

 The Third Hour. This section will begin with a short Solstice Guided Meditation and Invocation to ceremonially celebrate the Solstice Time. Then the rest of the time is was a Q&A Session with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell  about the Material Covered including your intended personal Spiritual Path. 

I attended the June Solstice online event and thought it was fantastic!!!! Thank You So Much.~ Iris



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  • PDF summarizing the 12 Paths of Spirituality
  • PDF of Jupiter Through the Signs, to help you determine an essential  aspect of your Personal Spiritual Path
  • PDF of the First Chapter of Daniel’s new Book (and companion to the Shamanic Astrology Card Deck) “Origins of Shamanic Astrology”

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  • PDF of Daniel’s talk on the Sacred Marriage from ISAR Conference October, 2016  
  • Free Recorded Class with co-founder of the School Cayelin K Castell and Tami Brunk on the Venus Star Phases. Have you ever wondered what more Venus has to tell you about your divine feminine expression (for women) and your connection to the Inner Beloved Goddess (Men)? You will learn how to locate your own Venus Star Phase, What It Means, and How to best honor this sacred part of yourself. Already recorded, with handouts, element meditation and video on the Venus Synodic Cycle. Details for this Class are HERE and you will be sent a FREE link to the class once your donation is received.
  • A PDF Transcript on Jupiter in Libra

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This was such an informative and insightful class…sharing that the different aspects in other astrological systems that create duality and polarization, integrate as a complete system within Shamanic Astrology. I am intrigued by the underlying foundation of wholeness and Oneness outlined in this class. Such a rich bounty of information to reflect upon, digest and apply within my own life – so grateful for this powerful offering at a powerful time – Full Moon at Summer Solstice… ~ Sally

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