Events in Africa and Scotland

Since the early 1970’s, and during my 43 years of investigating astrology and archaeoastronomy, I have been obsessed with a basic question: “who are we, and what the heck happened?”  The attempt to answer these questions has led me to places as far afield as Scotland and Ireland, Peru and Bolivia, South East Asia, Polynesia, Meso-America, and the American Southwest.  The world view of Shamanic Astrology has been sourced from these places. The ongoing journey of discovery continues with two remarkable and truly unique adventures that will return us to Scotland and the Callanish Stones, and a first time journey for me to South Africa, possibly the source of much of this knowledge.

South Africa and the White Lions

November 18- December 4, 2013

Star Knowledge-White Lion I have been invited by evolutionary astrologer Maurice Fernandez, and Linda Tucker, keeper and guardian of the White Lions of South Africa, to co-facilitate an adventure to South Africa and Zimbabwe.  I will have an opportunity to learn from indigenous star knowledge traditions.  Much of the trip is along the Zep Tepi (First Time) meridian at 31 degrees longitude that runs through Giza and the Great Pyramids.  For most of past history, until European politics prevailed, this was recognized as Earth’s prime meridian.  It has also become clear that the human beings that we are originated in this area of Africa 160,000-240,000 years ago.  Most all of global humanity’s clan mothers are still to be found in this region.

The primary purpose of the journey is to be in support of the work of Linda Tucker, who is committed to preserving the lives and the habitat of the white lions, a unique type of lion that only reemerged to the world in 1975.  Many Africans see them as Star Beings, here to re-illumine global humanity.  Together with similar traditions of White Buffalo and White Reindeer from other parts of the world, these rare and spiritual beings remind us that we are at a great turning of the ages. Among other things, they symbolize the realignment of the cardinal seasonal points with the four fixed constellations, namely: the Lion (Leo), the Bull (Taurus), the Eagle (Scorpio), and the Human Being (Aquarius).

The relationship of the lion and the human, symbolized by the Leo-Aquarius axis, is being directly reanimated by the white lions.  You can read more about this in Linda Tucker’s 2 books :  Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sun God, and Saving the White Lions: One woman’s battle for Africa’s most sacred animal. You can also watch the UTubes of Linda, as well as of Maurice and me, describing the trip.  (end of article)

Though it is costly and a sacrifice of time, if you could only do one adventure, consider joining us on this. The majority of the profits go directly to the care and preservation of the white lions.

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Scotland Callanish Stones






Scotland and the Callanish Stones

April 13-21, 2014

Next up is the long anticipated return to the Callanish standing stones.  This will be my 9th trip. Together with Shamanic Astrologer and priestess circle maven, Anyaa McAndrew, and transpersonal psychologist and old friend Nita Gage, we will host an 8 day conference at a small hotel near the Callanish Stones on the Hebridean island of Lewis of northwest Scotland.  This place has been a major inspiration for Shamanic Astrology.  I believe it to be the largest and oldest lunar site, and the veritable prototype of the other lunar standstill sites on the planet.

Anyaa’s husband, Gary Stamper, has created a fabulous webpage with all the details about this conference, which like our upcoming SAMS yearly gathering in Tubac AZ, October 31-November 5, highlights the “Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine: Re-dreaming the Magical Link Between the Land and the Sky.”  As we approach the next (minor) lunar standstill season, and an amazing sequence of lunar eclipses throughout 2014-2015, our emphasis in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School will be on the Sacred Feminine and the matrialineal roots of Shamanic Astrology.  Furthermore, the Callanish conference will take place during the time of a lunar eclipse and the next exact Uranus-Pluto square, including the strong Jupiterian influence that we are experiencing right now.

If you have ever desired to see and feel the energy of an authentic and relatively unhindered and unadulterated sacred site, or to experience the wildness and magic of Scotland, this is the adventure you have been waiting for.  Check Out all the details below!