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This page is designed to feature SAMS Students and Certified Shamanic Astrologers who are current members of the School. If you are a Student or Certified Shamanic Astrologer please submit your URL to your Free Timings Offerings.

Newsletters by Shamanic Astrologers

Cayelin K Castell (SAMS co-founder)
Began studying Shamanic Astrology in 1990. She began writing the Celestial Timings in 1996, offering a unique look at the astrology and astronomy of each month and each day. She now offers monthly Timings and topic specific articles. Current Free Celestial Timings 

Erik M Roth (SAMS Managing Director)
Has studied Shamanic Astrology since 2004. Erik writes a monthly newsletter from his home in Portland, OR. InSpiral Nexus

Tami Brunk (Shamanic Astrologer)
Has been practicing Shamanic Astrology for several years. She writes regular articles and blogs from her home in New Mexico. Astrology for Earth Renewal

Why Celestial or Astrological Timings?
Ancient Cultures left monumental records in stone pyramids, stone circles, stone temples, petroglyph sites and other impressive structures that remind us of the importance of our connection to the Celestial Realms. Highly trained priests and priestesses and/or shamans were the Sky Watchers. It was their job to watch the movement of the planets and stars assisting the people in maintaining a ceremonial sacred balance with the natural order of life.

These writings are a modern day version of this ancient practice offering a daily connection to the Great Above reminding us that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us. When we connect either visually or through our thoughts and awareness to these mysteries we are engaging an ancient practice that benefits us personally as well as the entire collective at this critical 26,000 year Turning of the Ages.

As it became dark and the stars began to peek out of the heavens, we all gathered at the main Anasazi ruins, at the highest point of the land. There Daniel Giamario, a Shamanic Astrologer who was traveling with us and teaching his wisdom, invited us once more, as he had on other occasions, to look up with him into the night sky.

Daniel’s knowledge and perception of the ancient ways is truly outstanding. Throughout the journey, Daniel was a star who gave of himself to help others. On this momentous night, he led us into an understanding of the heavens in a way that few of us had ever known. Together we gazed into Galactic Center, as he had taught us, and we spoke our own individual prayers into the cosmos…

From the Book Serpent of Light Beyond 2012
by Drunvalo Melchizedek