Group Mentoring Sessions

A New Monthly Offering from Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Founder Daniel Giamario!

Group Zoom Mentoring Sessions focused on the most challenging initiatory cycles of life

Our next class will take place on

Monday February, 7th at 4:00PM PST, 7:00pm EST. Find your Time Zone (HERE)

TOPIC: Navigating the 2022 transits to your natal chart – PART II!

This is a monthly mentoring Q&A on Zoom, hosted by Daniel Giamario. These will take place at the time of the monthly First Quarter Moon. Every other month will be chart analysis of special challenges. In April, the theme was Neptune. In February we looked at Saturn and Pluto aspects and complexes with Venus and Mars. Each bi-monthly offering will have a different theme.
Then, every other month will be special Q & A’s for those taking the on-line classes without a group support. In March we worked with the Script and Archetype on-line class. In May, the focus will be on the TimeLine Online class. In July, the focus will be on having a Q&A for the Sacred Marriage and Relationship online course.
The bi-monthly special theme mentoring is not only for SAMS members, or Shamanic Astrologers, but for anyone who reads our newsletter, Facebook, or Instagram posts. All that is required is your general knowledge of how to read a chart. It is not, however, for complete beginners.
The bi-monthly Mentoring for on-line classes is open for anyone who has taken, or is taking any of the online classes.

*Group Mentoring Calls are now FREE for Platinum Members! If you are a Platinum Member, you will receive the registration link in your email. Thank you for your support!

Group Mentoring Session

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