June Solstice Teleclass 2017

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The June Solstice is Currently Located at the Galactic Edge
The solstice points, or where the Sun rises on each Solstice, is important at this time from a galactic perspective.  These points currently represent the center or our galaxy (December Solstice) and the most extreme edge of our galaxy (June Solstice).  The June Solstice is currently located in the part of the sky representing the edge of the Milky Way.

It also happens to be in the center of what is known at the Sacred Hoop of Stars.  Each Solstice point is located with in the center point of the band of stars (sometimes called the river of stars) that represent the plane of our Galaxy known as the Milky Way Band and we understand this to be a place of high magic and awakening consciousness.

Check out this Article on The Shamanic Timeline of Life previewing the main feature of this FREE online event.

Shamanic Timeline Initiations
Discover more about the planetary cycles from what we call the Shamanic Timeline, or cycles that happen to everyone at certain ages during our lives. Also covered are the major and minor “flashpoints” that occur during a person’s lifetime, when more than one of the Timeline initiations are occurring together.

For example, you will discover why full adulthood occurs around age 29 and what cycles are happening at a time western culture refers to as “the mid-life crisis”, and the important of the cycles that occur around age 59 (Saturn and Jupiter returning together), along with other significant age related cycles occurring throughout a person’s life.

You will also discover and understand how the planets are teachers and guides and how to work with them for best results for yourself and others. In this shortened exploration we will cover a brief look at the essence of each outer planet as a guide and how these planetary guides are helping us to grow and evolve. You will also understand all your life phases with greater clarity (especially those new to Shamanic Astrology) and how these Timings are invaluable for personal ceremonies.

The latest understanding of these cycles will be shared as the mysteries continue to evolve and as we evolve with them.

Daniel Giamario on 7th Wave Radio – Now Available to NEW and RENEWING members of SAMS!  This series was recorded in 2006 & 2007

This show, entitled Shamanic Astrology with Daniel Giamario, included teachings and commentary on a weekly theme and features special guests and call-ins.

“The objective of the show was to make available to a greater audience the power and depth of Shamanic Astrology and the practical application in people’s lives now. “If you have always believed that astrology could be something deeper and more useful than sun-sign astrology, then this show is for you.”

These Shamanic Astrology teachings originated in the early 1980’s and have evolved into a school that blends astrology with archetypal mythology, and shamanic practices of consciously engaging with the natural rhythm and cycles of land and sky.

The “as above, so below” philosophy of the school and its key concepts are discussed, including how  Shamanic Astrology is not deterministic or causal and that the nature of the energies of different planetary cycles is neither good nor bad.

“This show is entertaining, educational, and inspiring, opening minds in a good way. The state of the world  at the Turning of the Ages, or end and beginning of a great 26,000 year cycle, suggests that the time is right for a greater knowledge of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm. People are interested in a more psychological and spiritual take on their lives and our world situation than what is offered by the more secular or popular practices of astrology.”

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