March Equinox 2021 Seminars

For many years, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School has held in-person trainings and all-school gatherings around the time of the March Equinox. In 2020 this was not possible so we offered Four Zoom video seminars available by clicking HERE. These seminars were highly regarded and have already received thousands of views.

As world events have not improved to allow an in-person gathering in 2021, the school has again presented a series of ZOOM seminars featuring many of our SAMS Council Members, speaking on a variety of topics, including new organically evolving material that is now available for replay.

Here is the original schedule and topics of discussion:

March 19 Friday: Global Update with Daniel Giamario and Levi Banner

An update on world events including the larger precessional cycle, Kali Yuga, and the Air sign Jupiter/Saturn Great Mutation along with the Saturn/Uranus triple square.  This follows up on the 2017 presentations in the “Preparing for 2020” summit and several presentations in 2020.  Without doubt, the times we are in include the most extraordinary set of circumstances for global humanity, in 12,900 years, at least.

March 20 Saturday: Sex And Gender In The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ with Daniel and Mary Kern

This covers the evolving astrological paradigm looking at sex and expanded gender roles in these ever confusing times.  Also a look at how this impacts relational concepts and choices.  Beyond Identity politics, this inquiry will continue the long process that most recently began in the early 1970’s to move beyond cultural stereotypes.

March 21 Sunday: Mars Focus with Daniel and Erik Roth

This is our everything about Mars presentation, including the Aries overtone, its synodic cycle, Mars returns, and the need for a new Aries understanding, for both men and women.  We will explore the evolution of astrological thinking about Mars and of the Aries Mystery School itself.  Also presented is how to use the Mars cycle as a description of the human life-span.

March 23 Tuesday: Mercury Focus with Daniel and Awen Labow

This is our everything about Mercury presentation, including the Aquarius, Gemini and Libra overtones in 2021.  Also a deeper understanding of the Mercury synodic cycle and Mercury returns.  Learn how all the mythic Mercury/Hermes roles can be found within the Mercury cycle.

March 24 Wednesday: Venus Alchemy with Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk

A deep dive into the current underworld phase of the Venus Cycle and upcoming evening star phase including a rare conjunction with the North Node in the same sign of the current Venus Gemini Meta Goddess/Overtone rising up from the underworld near the Pleiades and first gate with the Royal Star Aldebaran where Venus began her Morning Star Journey in June of 2020.

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