March Equinox 2022 Webinars

This year’s topics:

-Jupiter’s Conjunction with Neptune in Pisces

-The IC/MC Vertical Axis: Home and Roots Project and Right Livelihood Project

and a March Equinox Ceremony

Join the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School for an equinox ceremony and two days of webinars on current events and deepening of the paradigm. Register for free, or send us a donation to help support our continued mission!

Recorded March 25th at 5:00PM PDT 8:00PM EDT

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Jupiter’s Conjunction with Neptune in Pisces

With Daniel Giamario and Awen Labow

About every 13 years Jupiter catches up with Neptune.  This year it happens in Neptune’s home sign of Pisces on April 12th (23Pisces58).  This only happens about every 165 years. This will be the 14th Jupiter/Neptune conjunction since its discovery September 24, 1846. There is much speculation about this conjunction, particularly since this is happening during Neptune’s second only Opposition to the United States natal Neptune located at 22Virgo25.

Our seminar will explore the essence of Jupiter, the essence of Neptune, and then look at the intention of their conjunction in Pisces.  We will include an historical global analysis, with a special focus on the United States chart.  Also covered will be personal chart implications, of both natal and transits.  Of particular interest will be those of you in Jupiter returns.

As always, we will use our schools signature ThreeWorldsApproach, allowing us to see shadow and light.  We use an approach inspired originally by Dane Rudhyar.  The following quote will offer a good sense of our approach:

“Astrologers are haunted with the idea that Jupiter is “the greater fortune” and a symbol of all that is “good.”  But good and fortunate for what-  for the easy way of complacent and nearly automatic repetition of the past!  Jupiter gives good fortune to those who conform, who follow the rules of the social game, the political game, the religious ritual, the way of the “classical” great masters in the arts.  Truly, there is nothing wrong in conforming; and there are vast practical benefits in doing so.  But conforming is not taking the new evolutionary step.  This step-  this new transformation or “mutation”-  requires, like the taking of any walking step, an initial loss of balance, a “fall,” immediately followed by a “recovery.”  To walk is constantly to lose one’s balance, then recover it as the foot again touches the ground a yard or so ahead.

The Jupiter-Neptune cycle is very much like a walking process.  Every 13 years-  and, even more, every 166 years-  mankind should take a step forward, even if only a tiny one.  It should be a step ahead of our past traditional, social, cultural, and religious sense of human relationship.  Unfortunately, such a step tends to lead at first to confusion, disarray, dismay, perhaps temporary blindness and panicky escape “back to the womb” of what may be thought to be a secure and familiar institution or religious organization.  However, progress is only through the confusion and the glowing mist over the hills, yonder.  There is no way ever of going ahead, except through.”

–Dane Rudhyar, The Jupiter-Neptune Cycle, paragraphs 23 and 24

Recorded March 19 5:00PM PDT 8:00PM EDT

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The IC/MC Vertical Axis: Home and Roots Project and Right Livelihood Project

and a March Equinox Ceremony

With Daniel Giamario and Mary Kern

Due to popular demand, the main focus will be a deeper dive into the meaning of the IC (often misunderstood as the Nadir), that our school refers to as the “Home and Roots Project”.  This, in practice, has been the least understood of the four angles of the chart.  This is so needed in our current unsettled and confusing times.  The IC offers us guidance as to where our ultimate security lies.  If our outer security were to be stripped away, where is our ground?  The sign, aspects, and trnsits to the IC offer great clues.

Included will be a deeper understanding of the MC or Midheaven (often misunderstood as the Zenith).

From this inquiry, comes an exploration of the differences between the horizontal ASC/DSC axis and the vertical MC/IC axis.  This is particularly relevant to personal and social relationship issues; as we will explore two different forms of codependency that can result from misunderstandings concerning the person vs. hierarchical.

With regards to the IC or Home and Roots Project, all aspects will be explored, including outer expressions, as well as deeper spiritual meanings.  Included will be a look at outer planet transits and natal aspects to the IC ad MC.  Special significance will be placed on the sign of the IC and MC.

With the March Equinox happening on the 20th, SAMS President, Mary Kern, will facilitate an Equinox ceremony at the start of our presentation.

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