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Teaching Call January 27, 2008

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A special thank you goes to Kevin Uehlinger for doing this transcript!

images-6-2First Eclipse Season of 2008

DANIEL: this will include both a solar eclipse (fairly minor, only visible in New Zealand and Antarctica) and that will be followed by an extremely central and powerful lunar eclipse visible in North & South America, as the 2 events in this eclipse season; the first eclipse (solar eclipse) happening at the new moon, on Feb. 6, Wednesday night, and the lunar eclipse, which certainly is a very high night of ceremony, is on Wednesday night Feb. 20th.

We’ve discovered lots of very interesting things about both of those eclipse portals. These two super new & full moons (a lunar eclipse is a super full moon and a solar eclipse is a super new moon) are both occurring in pretty close alignment with planetary conjunctions and oppositions. On Feb. 10th, just a few days after the solar eclipse, the Neptune conjunct Sun point of the year at 22 Aquarius.

The solar eclipse is at 17*44’ Aquarius. Neptune is very close to that whole eclipse event.

I can throw into the mix that the lunar eclipse (the super full-moon) is very strongly related to the Saturn-Sun opposition on Feb. 24th. The one time of the year that Saturn and Sun are at opposition, when Saturn is visible in the evening sky all night, that is at 5-6 Virgo. The eclipse is at 1*53’ Virgo. So Saturn will be very close.

Cayelin & I were talking about the proximity to one of the stars that has been associated with the unfolding drama of the last couple of years: Fomalhaut.

Anything to add Cayelin?

CAYELIN: just a reminder that the particular star Fomalhaut was highly featured in the lunar eclipse of late August, last year. It’s one of the 4 royal stars, it’s the 17th brightest star in the sky. The 4 royal stars are in the constellations that are connected to the Galactic Alignment.

The Twins and the Bull mark the constellations of the galactic edge, and the Archer and the Scorpion mark the galactic center. Fomalhaut, which is in the constellation Pisces Austrinis, is connected to the South Galactic Pole. Regulus, in the Lion, is connected tot he North Galactic Pole. So it’s on the galactic plane, either the poles or the plane. Those particular stars are the key stars for those constellations and the galactic energies.

DANIEL: If one was to not be interested in using the galactic alignment information – the equinoxes and solstices in alignment with the galactic plane – then, the way one would work these mysteries would be to see what’s happening with those 4 stars. In our recent workshop we had a teaching on that: how it relates to the prophecies in Ezekiel and Daniel and Revelations. When those 4 stars are again in alignment with the solstices and equinoxes, and the events of the last year have been highlighting those stars quite amazingly, including another occultation at the beginning of the month…

CAYELIN: Antares is being occulted 10 times this year [by the Moon] and this is the second one, as it was already occulted in January, and will be again on Feb. 1. So, another  activation. It was only occulted 3 or 4 times last year. So it’s featured again this year…. Not necessarily visible where we are, but somewhere on the planet they are experiencing the Moon going over Antares.

DANIEL: If you remember at the solstice event, how close the Moon came to…[Mars]. There are certain places where there would have been occultation. But it wasn’t, where we were. But it’s close enough to be an occultation somewhere on the planet. And that’s a rare event. It only happens in certain portions of the cycle.

Venus-Jupiter conjunction

DANIEL: So, we have as a larger context, this eclipse season, there are two of them per year, but there’s plenty else going on here. So, we actually start with the beginning of the month, the highlight on the morning of Feb. 1, Venus conjunct Jupiter, less than 1 degree apart. On that morning you can see both of them in the same field of the binocular, it’s the closest planetary conjunction between those two until 2014. Very, very high up in the morning sky. And part of these calls is to highlight what is visually, experientially available.

The eclipse is high up on the list but the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is really major. That’s a combination of the two planets that traditionally have been the benefactors, in expansion and radiant abundance, expanding whatever it’s in conjunction with. And the conjunction is happening at 10 Capricorn. So therefore it seems to be tied into larger themes developing during this year:

Jupiter in Capricorn, plus Pluto having just a few days ago ingressed into Capricorn, and Venus also in Capricorn…. And, highlighting big-time, the first of 3 Saturn-Jupiter trines with Venus being involved. So I look at it in combination with the lunar and solar eclipse, and particularly the solar eclipse, given that the solar eclipse is a NN eclipse, as a real initiation point of bringing in the “New Capricorn”.

CAYELIN: If we consider that the Venus conjunction with Jupiter, Venus the Divine Feminine, and Capricorn being an archetype that was usurped by patriarchy, maybe this is an opportunity to energize more of the feminine energy associated with Capricorn.

DANIEL: Without question. The fact that the new moon solar eclipse is happening in Aquarius, and the primary function of Aquarius, relative to the other Signs, is to revolutionize Capricorn, to overthrow it, but not in the old way like Saturn devouring his children, or “the king is dead, long live the king,” but actually the re-birthing of the Circle of Grandmothers. We’ve talked about that a lot, and it’s the central meaning of all these planets moving through Capricorn, particularly the outer planets – the revisioning of our whole understanding of Capricorn… to being a management and wisdom and North point on the medicine wheel Feminine function. And I don’t mean just women…. There are plenty of men who also are in alignment with and work for the Circle of Grandmothers.

So, that’s a tremendous seeding point or initiatory point for the energies of 2008.

CAYELIN: If we reconsider too that Venus and Jupiter come back together in Capricorn on Dec. 1, 10-11 months later, this is the beginning of what’s being seeded. Something’s going to develop during the year, and then they come back together again and we see where we’re at, what’s been energized and brought into manifestation at the end of the year.

moon-venusVenus-Moon conjunction

DANIEL: Also in early February, the next Venus Gate is at 10 Capricorn!

2nd chakra, 5th gate of current Venus cycle: Feb. 4th. So we actually have the same themes being described by the outer planets as well as by the primary visible experiential ceremonial points, like the Venus-Moon conjunction.

CAYELIN: If you go to Sky & Telescope website, they have sky maps of Venus & Jupiter together at the end of the month January 30th, a degree & a half apart… and then on Feb. 4th where the Moon will be in relationship to them. I’m posting them on Celestial Timings as well, but you can look at it there.

DANIEL: it’s probably gonna be so beautiful that it’s the kind of thing to source the flag of a new country….

CAYELIN: The website gives you a sense of what it looks like in the sky… it’s cool to see the map, but more highly recommended is to actually go and see it. I was talking to someone who saw the Venus-Moon conjunction last month and they didn’t know why, but they woke up early in the morning and had to go look at it. She said she doesn’t know what it means but she felt compelled to see it, it was very beautiful and inspired her…. So, I think often it’s beyond language or understanding through the mental process…. But when you visually see, there’s a download or transmission that can come through, beyond language.

DANIEL: and the emphasis here would be on the inspiration and activation of 2nd chakra…. However it is we view that: desire, life force, sexuality, fecundity…

CAYELIN: abundance…value, how we value ourselves

DANIEL: And then, since Jupiter will be there too, it’s the combination of the expansive qualities in the Sign of Capricorn, being revolutionized by Aquarius. One thing that occurred to me as I was researching this upcoming month is the primary themes of March & April are the triple alignment of Neptune, Chiron, and NN.

So we’ve got this situation with the annular eclipse super new moon on Feb. 6th followed by Neptune conjunct Sun on the 10th, an initiatory energy or precursor for March & April, when there is that progressive visionary celestial combination of the teacher-healer [Chiron], the destination point of humanity [North Node], and the celestial itself by way of Neptune in Aquarius.

CAYELIN: So going back to Feb. 4th with the Venus-Moon conjunction with Jupiter, what’s also happening is the cross-quarter, the Sun is at 15 Aquarius, the cross-quarter between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. So, the Sun when it reaches 15 degrees of the fixed signs is always the cross-quarter of the solstices and equinoxes, and significant itself. But also that day Chiron is conjunct the Sun…. so it’s part of the precursor for March & April. On Feb. 4th Chiron and Sun are conjunct. Chiron, Neptune and NN are already close together, but by March and April they are much closer…


DANIEL: Cayelin, in your research and ceremonial experience, what do you think the essence is of this particular cross-quarter?

CAYELIN: I would say there’s a lot coming in around the divine feminine with that Venus-Jupiter-Moon conjunction right at the cross-quarter.

DANIEL: a prelude to Beltane and the Summer Solstice, an increase in the feminine.

For those who don’t know, the secular remnant of the sacred cross-quarter ceremony in the old days is Groundhog Day. That’s what shows up in the US as the remnant …

CAYELIN: Candlemas. Also in the Celtic traditions it’s the time called the “stirring of the seeds.” Whatever seeds were planted at winter solstice are starting to shake and move, break open. This is what Aquarius does, it goes breaks out of the old structure, the old form to establish new territory and start moving into expression in a new way. The stirring of the seeds at the cross-quarter is another way they looked at that energy.

Mars Direct Station in Sacred Hoop

DANIEL: Now, another theme for the month is Mars. I had the opportunity in Sedona to do a night sky presentation, and one of the really most visually impactful things happening right now is Mars between the horns of the Bull. There’s the stars inside the Sacred Hoop, close to the galactic edge… Mars is about to finish its retrograde motion, right there in between the horns of the Bull.

Whenever a planet, or the Moon, or the Sun would be there, that’s a marker for a turning of the age. It was the central symbol of the turning of the ages used by the Egyptians, 6000 years ago. The iconography of the Sun or Moon between the horns of the Bull. Now, Mars is there, I think it’s on the 30th of January that Mars turns direct, and all through February, Mars will be slowly moving toward the exact galactic edge. It doesn’t occur until early March.

All through February, Mars is slowly inching from 24 to 29 Gemini. It’s one of the most brilliant and amazing visual indicators in the sky. So we’re at the point just before Mars begins the active quest. He’s meeting with allies, planning the council, preparing for the quest of the next 2 years, the Mars archetype Cancer being developed & explored across the world stage. So we’re in a very seminal time as far as what Mars is coming up with at this point.

CAYELIN: Yes, indeed we saw the Moon right there during the Night Sky Class at the Winter Solstice event …in between the horns of the Bull and we pondered how it is representing the beginning of a new cycle.

DANIEL: So it’s a Mars emphasis of that particular alignment. Again the Moon will be there on the night of Feb. 15th. That should be interesting –the Moon & Mars will be together at the galactic edge, right in the middle of the hoop, right in between first quarter and full. So it won’t be so bright as to obscure everything, but a fairly bright Moon will be there with Mars. That will be one of the central…. We’re still in that lunar standstill window, so the intensity and expansion of that, particularly with reference to the incoming of new energies of creation, the night of Feb. 15th-16th, right smack in the middle of the eclipse season. That’s a really good night to be outside under the sky, also.

Several things we could speculate on with Mars in the final phase of preparation for full-speed ahead, the quest for Cancer: 2 totally different interpretations you could give to it. One is the conservative traditional interpretation, and that is historically, Mars in Cancer is a holding-on to the 1950s fantasy or nuclear family with traditional roles of husband-provider and wife-mother, in somewhat of a traditional Christian view… holding on to that… making that continue to happen, as if that’s what the Creator desires for all time.

Then there’s the progressive interpretation: the evolving of the masculine into a version of masculinity that personally provides nourishment for the benefit of the 7 generations to follow, but being open to the transmissions that come from Aquarius, and also the way we are revisioning Virgo and Capricorn – the Circle of Grandmothers and the Mother Earth herself… so what would the masculine with Mars in Cancer do if it was in service to the Grandmothers and the Earth, as opposed to being in service to some father God? That’s the inquiry, in my opinion.

When we get to March & April we’ll talk more about it, as Mars begins the 12 labors, going through the challenges of the new Mars in Cancer. But it’s a tremendous boost, very inspiring and optimistic that this particular portion of the quest has Venus, the Goddess, together with Jupiter.

CAYELIN: Opposite, in Capricorn.

Mercury Overtone Aquarius

CAYELIN: Mercury will be going direct in Feb. It’s about to go retrograde in the next few days, on Monday. It’s felt like it’s been retrograde all month.

DANIEL: I’ve had so many people tell me that it already feels like Mercury retrograde. It’s blamed for so many things…. There are so many other things we can look at here that refer to the scrambling of how we perceive things…

CAYELIN: That’s true, but Mercury has already made its first conjunction with Neptune, and two more will happen during the retrograde and the direct, so that’s part of it, in terms of adding the confusion factor. …

Mercury will conjunct the Sun Feb. 6th, beginning the new Mercury cycle in Aquarius. This year, all of the Mercury cycles will be in Air Signs. It goes direct on the 18th, just as the Sun is going into Pisces. If you have planets in the degrees of the retrograde you will feel this…. It’s retrograde at 24 Aquarius and going back to 8 Aquarius. So if you have any planets that happen to be in those degrees, Mercury is crossing over 3 times…

DANIEL: It’s interesting that the conjunction of the rebirth of Mercury on Feb. 6th is at 17 Aquarius, near the cross-quarter, and part of the drama we were describing earlier of the precursor to the Aquarian alignment in March & April…

The degree of the previous Mercury-Sun conjunction was 0 Scorpio….

[added thought from Kevin: this new Aquarius overtone is the first Air overtone after 3.5 years of Fire and Water overtones, so it is a big switch from right-brained to left-brained collective thinking, which in combination with the proximity of the solar eclipse& the Neptune conjunction may help to further explain the intensity of this particular Mercury cycle.]

Mercury Phase & the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

I want to float a certain theory here. I’ve had several calls about people who had major decisions to make, like selling a business or making a major commitment of some kind… I think that with reference to the other cycles taking place, the solar eclipse on the 6th, there’s a distinct turning point in the Mercury retrograde cycle as if to divide the Mercury retrograde into two totally distinct phases: the time periods before and after the conjunction.

I’ve been quite optimistic to people that if there’s other people involved in their question, that if the other people are able to get the work done & are clear in their intent, that after the conjunction on Feb. 6th, there’s no problem with full speed ahead.

CAYELIN: And especially once Mercury rises as the morning star on Feb. 11th

DANIEL: So that time period is not a problem. Of course if you’re trying to make something happen yourself, you could encounter the problems and challenges of working with other people. But if you’re selling your business and the other people have to get everything in line in order to make it happen, and everything is in alignment & harmony with your intent, there’s no problem in taking the action to make that commitment, as long as it’s after the conjunction. That’s my sense of it at this point. The date is Feb. 6-7. That places it with the solar eclipse and new moon.

CAYELIN: This eclipse series is connected to 1962 when all the planets aligned in Aquarius, which was the precursor to the changes of the 60s. So here we are again. At that particular time, it was all the visible planets lined up. Now, we have Chiron (50-year cycle), Neptune (150-year cycle), and the North Node (19 year cycle) showing up there. So this is a really rare alignment, all being activated. This eclipse is a significant activation of Aquarian energies.

DANIEL: The dreams, visions and ideals of the 60s still live. With all these major players in Capricorn at the same time. I have 4 or 5 charts in my files of people who were born during those few days when 7 planets including the Moon were in Aquarius, in early 1962.

CAYELIN: On Feb. 17th, Venus enters Aquarius. So then we’ll have Venus, Chiron, Mercury, Neptune, North Node, Sun and Vesta all in Aquarius. So we’ve got a huge lineup. Around that time, Sun & North Node are conjunct.

DANIEL: It seems like a cosmic celestial seeding of the Aquarian vision into Capricorn, as Capricorn is being challenged on all sides to transform itself.

CAYELIN: That’s all in the eclipse cauldron. Something big is cooking.

DANIEL: With Mars in the final month of preparation before the quest.

CAYELIN: Trining a lot of that Aquarius stuff.

QUESTION: Does this seem like personal energy or community energy?

DANIEL: Community. This is communal, collective, transpersonal, universal energy.

Capricorn is earth-based collective and Aquarius is collective but connected to the celestial. So, it’s revolutionary.

Jupiter-Saturn Trine

It occurs to me to also mention a primary theme, on the 2008 cd that Cayelin & I made, (Now available, it supports the school so please consider buying it)

One of the highlights was the Earth-Middle World support, because of the trine of Jupiter and Saturn in Earth Signs, and the idealism I have about that is that if our actions, our objective activities in the world, are aligned with the intent of the Circle of Grandmothers and the Earth herself, Gaia, there will support from the Creator, from Great Mystery. It’s truly a series of symbols that support taking action, and not simply putting it off & imagining it as a dream, but a time to experience the support of right action in alignment with universal intent.

CAYELIN: I was just reading in ISAR newsletter, someone was talking all of the things that have been written about Pluto going into Capricorn and the negative things about that, and so many people are reading this and focusing on the negative, and “are we going to create that?” was one of the questions. So I’m just appreciating what you brought up, because if we look at “what’s the intent?” and how do we engage that in a positive way and energize that, it’s an important contribution we have to make at this time to counterbalance some of the gloom & doom that’s been out there.

DANIEL: And it’s also an invitation to see whether this idealism is supported by what we for years have discerned to be the intent of something like a trine between Jupiter and Saturn. I don’t know how many charts I’ve done of individuals over the years who have Jupiter trine Saturn. And I’m jealous! These are individuals who have the right relationship with the material plane… so why don’t we get in harmony with that, test it out, and see whether or not if we take action in alignment with our original intent that there’s actually support from the Grandmothers and the Earth herself, in an objective way. Remember, Jupiter & Saturn are not celestial or underworld. So, it’s just an invitation to have the confidence to move forward and present yourself in your truth.

QUESTION: I think the idea of intention is very important. We focus on the intention we want to create. With Pluto standing right at the entry to the Cardinal Signs, the Moon really has a big impact, as it makes an aspect to Pluto, especially in the Cardinal Signs. I heard a lot of people having difficult days yesterday….I felt just really aligned with intention and purpose and reminded in so many ways that I have to stay focused on what I want to create. What is my vision? Because if Pluto in Capricorn’s really going to help us…

CAYELIN: That’s a really good point…when the Moon goes into Taurus it completes the grand trine and over the year as planets go into Taurus they will be energizing that Earth Trine as well.

DANIEL: That also reminds me that I mentioned in the middle of February, the Moon & Mars will be together at the galactic edge, bringing together what the experience is now with when we were there at the solstice, both being between the horns of the Bull.

On the night of Saturday Feb. 2nd, the Moon is at the galactic center, 0 Capricorn, just before the new moon. So it will actually be visible, the tiny crescent moon at galactic center. The other one of the lunar standstill windows, this coming month…

So there are numerable events coming up this month for ceremony, awe, wonder and connection to As Above, So Below.

QUESTION: I enjoyed seeing the Venus-Jupiter alignment out my window, how close they are in declination…

DANIEL: The closeness in declination is what allows it to be the closest conjunction between the two of them until 2014. The final thought is that Mercury retrograde notwithstanding, that time period following the solar eclipse, given that it’s a NN solar eclipse, it’s truly a full-speed ahead time to experimentally work with whether or not the idealism of intent that exists in this school is actually able to connect with objective reality. The chances are very strong that it can be. You know, there’s plenty of times we can have ideals & believe we’re in alignment with intent, but there’s a delay. But the Jupiter-Saturn trine is a time period that we can get fairly immediate response.

QUESTION: I was thinking that Jupiter is actually kicking off a 12 year cycle of expansion into a New Capricorn. A New Capricorn truth, and 12 year, kick that in in 2008, and take it around the circle for a new energy and structure in the whole show, here.

DANIEL: That’s an interesting contribution because then, 12 years later, in 2020, Pluto will still be in Capricorn and Jupiter will be coming around to go through Capricron again, and we’ll have a Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn in 2020.

QUESTION: That’s a Pluto Return for the United States, that should be pretty powerful. So to think of this in that context, we’re working on a New Capricorn energy over the next 12 years, is a different look at it in terms of intent, practice and patience.

DANIEL: It’s either the maturation of the original intent of the USA, in the sense of Aquarius as a revolutionary egalitarian experiment, or it’s complete destruction. In other words, the Aquarian transmissions right now are saying it’s got to really be what you said it was, it can’t be anything else.

QUESTION: With all that divine feminine energy on the 3rd and 4th it should be interesting to see what happens on Super Tuesday.

CAYELIN: I think it’s really strong with the Venus-Jupiter connection up through the eclipse on the 6th. Plus we’ll have the Mercury-Sun conjunction during that eclipse as well. Very powerful.