Mercury Classes

with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

All proceeds from these classes directly benefit the Shamanic Astrology Mystery, an educational non-profit.

Class One: The Mercury Synodic Cycle The Cycles, Seasons, and Archetypes of Mercury

Class Two: Understanding Mercury through the Elements 

The Mercury Synodic Cycles class explores the unique features of the synodic cycle of Mercury. Averaging about 120 days, Mercury will experience every phase of its cycle, before beginning a new cycle. Each synodic cycle includes a retrograde cycle, morning and evening star phases, and underworld times.

In the last couple of years, our understanding of the Mercury cycle has again evolved to include additional phases, as well as discovering a new understanding for when to begin the Mercury Cycle. The Mercury mythos (or phases) includes the illumined teacher, psychopomp, trickster, shape shifter, thief, jester, guardian of the threshold, and alchemist. Also explored in this teleclass are the Aquarius,  Gemini and Libra overtones of Mercury.

Mercury by Element Class features the rest of the Mercury story looking at the elements of the signs and how these elements relate to the current life intent through right brain feminine and right brain masculine and the left brain feminine and left brain masculine expressions of the Mind. This is really helpful for gaining a deeper understanding of how your mind works and what your intended communication style is.

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Mercury Cycles Teleclass Package

Class One: Mercury Synodic Cycles – $40

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Teleclass - The Mercury Cycle Part 1

Class Two: Mercury by Element – $40 

This class investigates how the element of Mercury, both natally and by synodic overtone, reveals great insights about how perception, cognition, and communication happens. Plus, this class served to ceremonialize the beginning of a new Mercury synodic cycle when Mercury went direct in the sign of Aquarius on February 11, 2015.

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Mercury Synodic Cycles Part 2