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We NOW have 5 comprehensive online courses plus the Astro-Basics Mini-Course listed below

  • The Map of Life – Archetypal Journey of the Soul
    also known as The Script and Archetypes

    This is the most fundamental course the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ offers and includes the “Shamanic Astrology Foundational Basics”  (see details below). This course teaches you how to read a natal chart (or Life Map) using the three part Script to understand the soul’s purpose for this life. This course also takes a deep dive into the 12 archetypes of the signs as they are apply to the natal script or Map of the Soul. By the end of this course you will have all the tools needed to assist yourself and others in knowing why someone is here and how to get there.

    Shamanic Timeline Online Course What Time is For You?

    Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

    Timing is Everything so tuning into what it is for you and your clients is immensely helpful. This course takes a deep dive into the outer planet initiation cycles and natal complexes from the perspective that these outer planets are teachers, guides and initiators here to assist our soul’s journey including the intended evolution and growth each planet represents. Each initiation cycle or natal planetary complex operates from at least one of 3 worlds (Celestial, Middle and Underworld).

    A unique feature of this course is the Shamanic Timeline of life focusing on the age related cycles we all go through along with our personal initiation cycles that can occur at anytime. There are Flashpoints on the Shamanic Timeline when several age related cycles occur together representing unique pockets of time through out our lives. By the end of the this course you will have been given all the tools for determining the most important cycles of initiation for yourself and others.

  • Sacred Marriage and Relationship Online Course

    The Sacred Marriage and Relationship Online Course explores what Venus and Mars have to do with who we are as women and men. This includes what we tend to project onto a partner, that is often different than what our true relationship intent is. This unique course is not found anywhere else and includes ways to determine and understand our personal path to wholeness through the Inner Sacred Marriage Process and how to share that with others.

    Currently our culture tends to encourage looking outside ourselves for completion, wholeness, and happiness. Many find they are longing to find the magical other, the soulmate, the twin flame, the beloved. This is not a criticism as it is what motivates even autonomous or renunciate individuals to learn more about themselves through another.

    The relationship quest is one of the yogas that helps us to learn more about ourselves. However, even for those who find a wonderful partner, that alone does not create inner wholeness. In the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™, regardless of whether you have partner or not, the process of creating inner wholeness is referred to as the Sacred Marriage.


  • Shamanic Astrology Foundational Basics – Mini Course

    This 7 part course explores the necessary components for reading a natal chart including the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) and the 3 modalities (Householder/Culture Bearer/Cardinal, Self-Interest/Self-Exploration/Fixed, In Service to Spirit/Mutable) to gain a deeper understanding of how the archetypes express. Also covered are the Signs and Symbols,  the Chart as a Map of the Sky, the Whole Sign House System, Planetary Aspects, Aspect Patterns, and why all of this is important in understanding how to read a Natal Chart


  • Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets
    This course was originally called “The Synodic Cycles of Venus, Mercury and Mars”

    By attending this online course intensive, you will uncover the mysteries surrounding these planets from both an astronomical and astrological perspective covering these questions and more:
    What are the Synodic Cycles and why do we care? What does it mean when Venus, Mars or Mercury is Retrograde? What is symbolism around a Venus-Moon conjunction?
    How does a planet’s passage behind or in front of the Sun relate to the “Underworld”?  How does the patterns that Mars, Venus and Mercury weave in the sky relate to shifts within us? What are Lunar Nodes? How do they impact our lives?


  • Night Sky Cosmology

Understanding the “bones” or “structure” of the sky is vital to understanding our place in the cosmos, personally and collectively. This largely forgotten understanding (until now) enriches our lives by illuminating our place within the greater context of our galaxy

This course is for you if you:

  • Have ever felt drawn to understanding the significance and magic of the Night Sky
  • Have ever wondered about the constellations and bright stars visible to the naked eye
  • Seek a greater understanding of how the constellations are different from the astrology signs
  • Have ever wondered why certain constellations are more visible at different times of year or in different locations
  • Are interested in tracking the planets through the sky
  • Are ready to move beyond the 2-dimensional graphic of the astrology chart to an understanding of where the Sun, Moon and planets were or are located in the sky for any chart.
  • Desire to have a greater understanding of where we are within the Great Wheel of Time or great cosmic clock