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Replay of 2017 Online Summit "Preparing for 2020 Vision" (Free Version)

Short 3 minute video on the Summit



  • Daniel Giamario Preparing For 2020: Seeding a New Earth
  • Cayelin and Tami Wisdom of the Grandmothers 
  • Dale O’Brien Phasing Out of Old, Dying America Before A New Birth
  • Kadea Metara Birthing the Soul Seed Self
  • Erik M Roth No Easy Way Through: Our Accelerating Times
  • Gemini Brett Cosmic Conversations
  • Mark Jones Preparing for 2020: the Planetary Nodes and their Role in Collective Evolution
  • Linda Star Wolf Soul Whispering Awaken the Shaman Within with Shamanic Breathwork 
  • Henry Seltzer An Astrological Look at Eris in 2020
  • Joan Heartfield Heart Intelligence for Challenging Times
  • Gary Caton The Big Shift: Tips and Tools for Transitioning from the Earth to Air Economies via the 20 year Jupiter/Saturn Cycle
  • Anyaa McAndrew Healing with your Ancestry: The Last Frontier
  • Rich Silver Toward 2020 Vision: Seeding the New Day
  • Kate Rusko Intuition, Vision, Prophecy, and Feeling: Tools for the New Age
  • Lisa Michaels Co-Creation the Imperative 2020 Skill
  • Q and A with the presenters 

Replay of 2017 Online Summit "Preparing for 2020 Vision" (Free Version)