Royal Stars Webinar

Replay Of the 4 Royal Stars
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with Cayelin K Castell and Erik M Roth

A 90 minute online LIVE event – with replay available soon after the event completes. Additional details in this short video.

This Deep Dive into the Royal Stars will explore Historical perspectives including:

How the Persians and other cultures perceived these stars as
Royal Stars marking  the “4 directions” or “4 corners” of the Earth and eons ago marked the seasonal Solstice and Equinox points.

  • Their Importance from a historical and current perspective
  • How these stars were used for navigation, calculating calendars, theology and magical properties.
  • Where there are located in the sky
  • What their stories are
  • Dates when the Sun Passes Each Year 6 degree window
  • Understanding Planets passing by the Royal Stars
  • Moon Occultations – what it signifies and when the next series begins for each of the Royal Stars.

This LIVE webinar will be recorded and  available for replay within 1-2 days upon completion.
We would love to have you join us!


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