September 2021 Equinox Seminars

Two Free Seminars!

“How to Create Ceremonial Timings” and “What is Mars in the Underworld All About?”


Wednesday September 22nd –  5:00PM PDT (8:00PM EDT)

Thursday September 23rd  – 5:00PM PDT (8:00PM EDT)

Every year, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School offers free seminars at the time of the September Equinox.  This year we will offer two special presentations, free and open to anyone interested in what our school and paradigm has to offer.  It will be offered on Zoom, available for replay, and will include a Q&A segment.

Wednesday September 22nd Seminar

“How to Create Ceremonial Timings” with Daniel Giamario, Levi Banner and Mary Kern

Using the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™, three experienced astrological consultants will share techniques for the most important timings of our lives.  This includes marriages, starting a business, conceptions, and when to do visionary practices, such as vision quests, dark retreats, and fasts.  We will explore planetary transits to the angles, timeline initiation cycles, and inner sacred marriage portals.  Eclipses, planetary retrogrades, and planets in the lower world will also be considered.  An extra special feature will be a look at the least understood angle, the IC, which we refer to as the “home and roots project”.

Thursday September 23rd Seminar

“What is Mars in the Underworld All About?”  With Daniel Giamario and Erik Roth

From about August 23rd through November 22nd, Mars will be in its unique below the horizon phase of its 26 month synodic cycle.  Daniel, creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™, and Mars specialist, Erik Roth, will explore the significance of this time-frame, personally and collectively, and for both men and women.  This is phase three of the cycle that is emphasizing the Aries overtone and primary archetype for the entire cycle.  We will explore the historical meaning of Aries, and suggest its necessary transformation.  What would a post-patriarchal Aries look like?  The underworld phase has always implied surrender, grieving and vulnerability.  We will explore how this can be understood and supported, for both men, who have been captured by the patriarchal version, and women who have unwittingly embraced it, or have supported men or women also captured by it.  This is an important inquiry at this time.

This is a FREE event, however if you wish to make a donation to support the school and our ongoing mission, we would greatly appreciate it! Whether you choose to donate or not, please fill in the registration form below to gain access to the call!

Suggested donation: $5-$40

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