2020 Special Online Webinar Series

We have all been affected by recent global events so its timely to receive insights and tools for how to navigate these uncertain times.

Join Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell for a four webinar series.

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How to Navigate 2020 through 2021?
We will explore the intent (and reality already occurring) of the significant planetary alignments happening now and in the months to come. This is a followup to Daniel’s presentation given during our 2017 Preparing for 2020 Summit. This video will be included when you sign-up for this event so you can view it before the live presentation on March 27 or before you watch the replay.
At the SAMS Summit “Preparing for 2020” from the end of 2017, Daniel’s presentation was called “Preparing for 2020” including a great deal of discussion about the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto alignments in Capricorn in 2020. Who knew then just what specifically was going to happen!
This timely presentation is an updated look at what is now clearly a global re-set, on a scale that has not happened for 12,800 years. As in the previous talk, the major emphasis is on the unique approach of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ to attempt to understand and experience any event from the perspective of the three worlds: Upper World (Neptune and Uranus), Middle World (Jupiter,Saturn and Lunar Nodes) and Lower World (Pluto and Chiron).
Knowing about all three, and synthesizing all three, can be the best possible approach for navigating this monumental tipping point in the great Turning of the Ages. A look ahead to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is also included here, and at the time of this class Saturn had just made its initial ingress into Aquarius.
The Foundational Elements of how the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm can be helpful in these uncertain times.
Originally presented as a Zoom class in late March, now free and available of all interested in this paradigm.  The full video is here: https://vimeo.com/401769061/5d29b7c3b3
Daniel and Cayelin will explore the philosophical and psychological roots of this astrological approach to Great Mystery; including Dane Rudhyar, Rudolf Steiner, Sri Aurbindo and Carl Jung. This discussion illuminates the reason for using astrology, at this time of the Turning of the Ages.
The second section of the class is a deep dive into one of the four crown jewels of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™: The 144 story-lines of Lineage and of current life purpose. There is a strong emphasis on getting a deeper understanding of the 12 “jobs” in the 12 tribes or the 12 “majors” in the 12 Mystery Schools of life.
Diving into the Shadow (and Gifts) of Aquarius
With Saturn in Aquarius and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the horizon, as well as 2021’s Saturn square with Uranus, this sharing updates last year’s deep dive into the Aquarius Mystery School, the Light and Shadow; Utopia or Technocratic Dystopia. We will look at the promise and dangers of trans-humanism and the “singularity”, and the survival of Planet Earth. It can be helpful to listen to the audio presentation by Daniel you will find on the class page.
Preview of coming events not already covered.
For example: the upcoming new Venus and Mars Cycles and a time to ask questions and share insights. Also helpful here is to listen to our Solstice 2019 call included on the class page.
Bonus Content: 
Video from A look ahead to 2020 recorded in December 2019
Video from Daniel’s Preparing for 2020 Summit Presentation from 2017
Audio from last years talks by Daniel on The Shadow of Aquarius in 2019

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