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Welcome and Thank You for Celebrating the Summer Solstice
with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

The Live Event is now over.
Below is the Audio of this 2 hour Special Event/Class.

I attended this online event and thought it was fantastic!!!!
Thank You So Much.~ Iris

Wow, Wow, Wow. You have completely blown me away with this class. I feel a whole new understanding of my life’s journey is available to me and I am so grateful to have been a part of this special event. ~Catherine

This was such an informative and insightful class…sharing that the different aspects in other astrological systems that create duality and polarization, integrate as a complete system within Shamanic Astrology. I am intrigued by the underlying foundation of wholeness and Oneness outlined in this class. Such a rich bounty of information to reflect upon, digest and apply within my own life – so grateful for this powerful offering at a powerful time – Full Moon at Summer Solstice… ~ Sally

The SAMS Solstice teleclass was amazing!  Incredible and timely insights from Daniel and Cayelin and a fun group.  Even though I’ve been a student of Shamanic Astrology for 10 years now, I still had a few “ah-hah!” moments from the information that was shared. I highly recommend a listen – the time will fly as you enjoy the class. ~Peter

To download the audio to your computer (168 MB) Right Click Here and select “save file as”

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Extra Special Never Before Offered!

This is an extra special offer including the Shamanic Astrology Handbook, Card Deck and a the Twelves Tribesthumbnail-large Journey CD from Cayelin Castell.
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For those who wish to become NEW Members or RENEW your Membership with the school, you will receive the following gifts as a special bonus beyond your regular member benefits:

  • Free Venus class from Cayelin and Tami – Your Venus Star Phase
    Live Online Class is June 30th
  • Free Teleclass on Vesta in Shamanic Astrology
    Including a special meditative journey from Erik Roth Live Online Class – This Summer
  • FREE 15 – Minute Reading with a Shamanic Astrologer
    To be Scheduled This Summer with More Details About How to Access This Gift once you become a Member

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