Time Passages Astrology Software

Time Passages from Astrograph.com and Henry Seltzer
Made for both MAC and PC (3 Different Levels from Basic to Advanced

  • Easy to Use – TimePassages is the most user-friendly astrology software available.

  • Accurate Birth Charts – Simply enter your date, time, and location of birth and TimePassages instantly creates a chart for you.

  • Point-and-Click Interpretations – Reading an astrology chart is as easy as visiting a website. Click on any chart feature to view in-depth interpretations by acclaimed astrologer Henry Seltzer.

  • Used by Professionals – TimePassages is perfect for beginners, as well as professional astrologers such as Rob Brezsny, Alan Oken, Antero Alli, Lyn Borsodi, and many others, who use the Advanced Edition to do their astrological work.

  • We now have a Video created by Zan and Cayelin on how to use the Time Passages Software. Soon to be available to those who purchase this software as a FREE bonus.

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Full List of Features

Natal and Transit Bi-wheel Charts (ALL EDITIONS)
Calculate and display natal charts and transit bi-wheel charts with interactive interpretations — mouse click gives you interpretations for an individual planet or aspect, or for the entire chart as a whole.
Point & Click Interpretations (ALL EDITIONS)
Point and click on any chart feature to get transformatively oriented descriptions. Control-click gives even more astrological information for that feature.
Graphical Transit Timeline (ALL EDITIONS)
Track the eb and flow of transits over time with this graphical layout of curves representing each planets aspects for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months.
20+ Astrologically Significant Points (ALL EDITIONS)
Includes the Sun, Moon, the eight standard planets, the Lunar Nodes, Part of Fortune, and Chiron, a very significant planetary influence for our times. Optionally display the major asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, major Centaurs such as Pholus and Nessus, Black Moon Lilith, Eris, and Sedna with general interpretations for house placement.
European Chart Wheel (ALL EDITIONS) 
Chart style with equally spaced signs and proportional houses.
Transits to House Rulers With Interpretations (ALL EDITIONS)
When an outer planet transits a natal planet in your chart the effects are two-fold; not only is the natal planetary archetype affected by the transiting outer planet, but also the house(s) it rules. TimePassages is the only astrology software providing these interpretations.
Planetary Patterns (ALL EDITIONS)
Recognizes and interprets all classic Rudhyar-style chart patterns such as Bowl, Funnel, Seesaw, etc.
Rulership & Exaltations (ALL EDITIONS)
Reveals the planetary ruler associated with each natal house.
Built-in ACS Atlas (ALL EDITIONS)
Automatically enters your latitude, longitude, time zone, and daylight time information for accurate chart calculation. Just enter the city, state, and country and it’s looked up in a database with over 250,000 cities worldwide.
Multiple House Calculation Methods (ALL EDITIONS)
Includes Koch, Placidus, Equal House, Campanus, and Porphyry. Whole sign houses new with version 5.
Electronic User’s Manual (ALL EDITIONS)
Includes an in-depth introduction to astrology, detailed instructions on all software features, and quick references for astrology terms and systems.
TimePassages allows you to display multiple chart windows concurrently and to go back and forth between calculated charts quickly for easy reference and comparison.
Chart Workspace Files (ALL EDITIONS)
Each chart file is saved and restored with the most recently used charts.
Customizable Chart Display (ALL EDITIONS)
Display charts just the way you like them with display options such as fonts, background color, rimmed sign labels, day-month-year date format, aspect options, aspect orbs and more.
Aspect Grid (ALL EDITIONS)
Graphic layout of aspects includes all major and minor aspects plus the parallels and contra-parallels, all with Point & Click Interpretations.
Adjustable Aspect Orbs (ALL EDITIONS)
Set aspect orbs for Natal, Transit, and Comparison to display only aspects with indicated aspect strength.
Aspect Date Ranges (ALL EDITIONS)
Transit interpretations optionally include the date range the transit is in effect and the time of exact aspect.
Print Color Chart Graphics (ALL EDITIONS)
Compile complete reports with a click of the mouse, including planetary patterns and important features of the chart. Including Full Natal, Current Transits, Current Progressions, and Transit Survey Reports.
Survey transits for 3, 6, or 12 month periods, sorted by begin range, date of exact, or transiting planet, either including paragraphs of interpretation or as a hit list of important transits.
Calculate and display Secondary and Solar Arc progressions with interactive interpretations.
Animate transits and progressions to see the chart evolve over time.
Display natal, transit, and progressed planets all on one wheel. Configurable to display any saved charts. Fully interactive with Point & Click Interpretations for all three levels.
Detailed interpretations for the new planet Eris taken from Henry Seltzer’s new book, The Tenth Planet.
Natal Chart Rectification (STANDARD AND ADVANCED ONLY)
Adjust the chart forward or backward by minutes, hours or days. Very handy when experimenting with different birth times.
Full color satellite maps with culminating rising and setting planet lines that show you where to look for opportunity. These maps have three levels of zoom and are quite stunning.
Display natal midpoints sorted by planet or degree order, using any standard modulus from 360 to 45. Midpoint tree display is included.
A report on the fixed stars in connection with natal planets.
Arabic Parts (ADVANCED ONLY)
Over 35 parts are listed, along with their connections to natal planets.
Sidereal Charts (ADVANCED ONLY)
Sidereal planet positions in a square format chart.
Solar & Lunar Return Charts (ADVANCED ONLY)
Calculates the chart for the moment when the Sun or Moon returns to its natal position in any year or month for your current location.
Other Planetary Returns (ADVANCED ONLY)
Calculates the chart for the moment when other planets, including Chiron, return to their natal position for your current location.
Comparison Bi-wheel & Composite Charts (ADVANCED ONLY)
Compare two individuals’ charts, either as a Comparison Bi-wheel, with one chart surrounding the other or as a Composite chart of the two individual’s put together and read as one chart.
Graphical Ephemeris (ADVANCED ONLY) 
Displays graphical ephemeris for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years showing the shifting transiting planets in relation to your natal planet positions.
Displays an animated now chart showing the current real positions of the planets in the sky. Watch the heavenly dance in real time, right before your eyes!
Harmonic Charts (ADVANCED ONLY)
Variations including the popular 5th, 7th and 9th harmonics and more.