Twelve Paths of Spirituality

The 12 Dharmas and the 12 Yogas

 by Daniel Giamario

Each Mystery School has its own way, its own approach to a fully realized life. Therefore, each Mystery School has its own view, its own definition of so-called “enlightenment.” Often self realization and enlightenment are used interchangeably. Even if it were possible, there is no attempt being made here to conclusively define either term.

The assumption made, however, is that each Mystery School has its own unique way of fulfilling its intention. This covers the 12 ways through a narrative of each intention, looking at the valuable categories of dharma and yoga.


Dharma is a word that has been used in many ways throughout history. Usually, it’s defined as duty, with a linkage to karma and cause and effect. A person is born with a specific duty or dharma. This can be linked to the Shamanic Astrology’s view of lineage. Our previous life experiences, whether viewed as DNA, family history, or past lives, will predispose us to have a certain duty or a certain way of life.

However, the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm does not accept such a deterministic cause and effect view. Rather, our view has a greater emphasis on the “intent” for current life purpose as symbolized by the Ascendant in combination with the house position of the North Node, and then executed by the Goddess or God symbolized by a man’s Mars or a woman’s Venus.

Therefore, in this context, the dharma is represented by the Ascendant path and augmented by the archetypal mysteries seen through the symbol of Jupiter by sign. Dharma is the “intended” way of life that is our duty to perform, sooner or later. This is often not the path of least resistance.


Yoga—another word with multiple meanings—references techniques or practices that best complement and assist the accomplishment of one of the 12 dharmas. Though often defined as “union,” or as a practice to attain union, here it is seen as specific yoga or practice designed to fulfill the intentions toward a fully realized life. Yoga is not one specific thing and not only, for example, a specific meditation practice or some yoga asana, but rather any of a great number of practices that assist in accomplishing a specific dharma. Relationship, including marriage, can be a yoga as much as a martial art could be considered a yoga.

Every one of the 12 paths has its own unique spirituality. All have a spiritual path, and all can be in alignment with spirit, not only the Mystery Schools described as being In Service to Spirit (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius).

Involution And Evolution

Traditionally, the Fire and Air sign Mystery Schools have been seen as masculine, or sometimes the term “positive” is used. Meanwhile, the Earth and Water signs were categorized as feminine, some<mes using the word “negative.”

A central feature of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm is to reduce and if possible, eliminate words that are loaded with judgments, ranking, hierarchy, and gender terms that are historically and culturally rela<ve. Even if these terms were not intended to be judgmental or hierarchical, for example, positive vs. negative, nevertheless our minds today continue to go there. This is equally true with the concept words masculine and feminine.

Therefore, the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm uses evolution for archetypal masculine, and involution for archetypal feminine. Although this is fully explained elsewhere, these categories are extremely useful in exploring the 12 paths of spirituality, yoga, and dharma.

In short, the path of evolution begins with Earth and Water, embodied within form and matter, and moves in an ascending direction toward Air and Fire. This is the archetypal masculine journey toward consciousness and spirit. The journey of involution, on the other hand, begins with Fire and Air, in consciousness and spirit, and descends into incarnation, into form, into matter, and into Earth and Water. This path of involution is the archetypal feminine journey.

These terms are never to be superficially applied to men or women. Any person, whatever gender, can be on an evolutionary or involutionary journey. Additionally, there is never any ranking, no good or bad, better or worse, higher or lower, or ironically, more or less evolved!

Three Broad Categories:

Householder/Culture Bearer: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

These four are the Mystery Schools that build, maintain, and establish for the future, the ways of the secular, in-the- world, and in-the-mainstream ways of life. These include the roles of mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and protectors. In general, these four are who Native Americans refer to when saying “we make no decisions save for the benefit of the seven generations to follow.” The dharma of the Householder schools is inherently traditional and conservative (not politically conservative), honoring what has worked in the past as much as being the foundation for future generations.

Self-Interest: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

These four Mystery Schools explore life experience for its own sake. Self-Interest is not to be confused with “selfish,” although other schools sometimes do. It is the responsibility of these schools to expand and deeply explore the inner and outer boundaries of the four elements. These investigations can result in knowledge and experience that benefit the world and her societies and peoples, but that is not the primary motivation

In Service to Spirit: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

All mystery schools have a spiritual path, not just the ones we call In Service to Spirit. However, these four mystery schools have as their primary motivation and purpose to first and foremost be In Service to Spirit. What does this mean? It means that other agencies called “spirit” are directing the action in four different ways.

The term Spirit is admittedly vague. It does not mean “spirits” as disembodied en<<es and is not referring to ghosts. In core shamanism, as seen in the works of David Abram, spirit means all that is that has consciousness, except for human beings. So that includes animals, plants, stars, rocks, and in particular, the planet Earth and space as a conscious being. Therefore, the Mystery Schools that are In Service to Spirit do not get guidance from other humans, and it is certainly not secular. The motives are never of self-interest either. This is always intended to be external guidance from spirit.


Like many words commonly used, (such as yoga and dharma) “essence” can be also be used in many different ways. Originally “essence” comes from “esse” or “essentia” and means “to be.” It is used to mean the basic element or elements in anything.

In the Shamanic Astrology paradigm and in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, the term essence is being used in a specific way. I was inspired to use essence in these ways, primarily from my involvement as a student in the Ridhwan School. Essence is used to enumerate and describe the primary characteristics of an Authentic Human Being. The different essences for each archetype are described in the next sec<on.

Every place on the Wheel of Life, and within every Mystery School (the Ascendant and Jupiter), has a purpose and a function. Your current life Mystery School or your lineage (the Moon) involves certain talents, abilities, and intended characteristics, or essences.

It is as if Creator or Great Mystery has allocated certain essences for you to express. Your Moon (lineage) is what you have mastered before and what you bring into this life. Your storyline of Life Purpose (Ascendant plus North Node house), as well as your Venus and Mars placements, define what you have been allocated to work with now.

Each Mystery School receives different allocations, different and unique essences. These are the essences listed for the different Mystery Schools of Life and are an indeterminate number but are not infinite.

There are also universal essences, such as Unconditional Love, Grace, and Self-Love, and these tend to be listed as some of the personal essences allocated to the more universal or transcendental Mystery Schools, such as Pisces and Aquarius.


Sat Chit Ananda

Sat is Truth, Existence, or Pure Being; Chit is Consciousness; and Ananda is Bliss

Another useful way of categorizing the paths of spirituality for the 12 Mystery Schools in Shamanic Astrology is through the philosophical concept from India known as Satchitananda. This word describes the One Reality, the Absolute Undifferentiated Reality, the Great Mystery, the Unity, or The One Becomes Three. Although these three Sanskrit terms have held a variety of meanings, the way I have always understood them, and how I am using them here, generates the following meanings:


Sat is Existence, meaning that there exists “something” rather than “nothing.” This incidentally is the ultimate philosophical question: “Why is there something, rather than nothing?” The term Sat may not answer the “why,” but it certainly does indicate the reality and experience that there IS existence.

I relate Sat to the Householder/Culture Bearer Mystery Schools, and also to Karma Yoga. These are the archetypes that value action and commitments in the objective world with sustainability and duration over time. For example, Aries is a pure Sat Mystery School.


Chit is Consciousness and Awareness, and describes the emergence out of the One Reality of consciousness and its awareness of itself. Chit relates to the archetypal Mystery Schools that emphasize mind, consciousness, objectivity, and the thinking function. It has a connection with Gyana Yoga (also known as Jnana Yoga). Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini are pure Chit.


Ananda is much harder to describe in one or two words because it is likened to energy, the feeling and direct experience of that energy, and the aliveness of the One Reality. Often the word “bliss” is used for Ananda, but even that does not fully describe Ananada as it is the intensely felt energetic experience of love, but not love as a concept, idea, or attribute of consciousness. It has the flavor of rapture, ecstasy, and orgasm. It has a connection with Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. Taurus and Scorpio are Pure Ananda. All the other Mystery Schools are hybrids, as we shall see.


Aries (Sat)

Aries a Householder/Culture Bearer Mystery School. It is traditionally referred to as a “positive” and “masculine” way of life. In Shamanic Astrology, it falls into the evolution pathway, by way of Fire (intuitive function).

Historically, those with Aries dharma were the defenders of the ways of life within the culture. They defended the hierarchies, the leaders, and the people. In India they were the Kshatryia Caste, in Japan the Samurai, and in medieval times the knights.


Psychologically, the aim of Aries is the capacity to commit and to be completely focused, with a strong indomitable will, totally all-in, in dedica<on to a noble cause, mission, or purpose. For Aries, commitment is the founda<on for true freedom.


Spiritually, the goal of clear commitment to one’s dharma can only be gained through the surrender of one’s analytical evaluation and the abandonment of any attachment to duality. Transcending duality and surrendering any need to figure things out will lead to the intuitive revelation of one’s true dharma, the genuine mission and purpose.


The Spiritual Essence Of Aries Includes:

  • Commitment
  • One-pointedness
  • Nobility
  • Valor
  • Honor
  • Righteousness


The Yogas Of Aries Include:

  • Martial arts
  • Physical fitness
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Nobility of character
  • Codes of conduct with commitment to moral and social codes
  • Dedicated service to the noble cause


Now, at the Turning of the Ages, in the evolution of the Mystery Schools, the emerging task of Aries is to be a defender and upholder of the cosmic order. This includes an evolving recognition that genuine righteousness, true integrity, and goodness is not the same as the older and dogma<c doctrinal views of good and

bad or right and wrong, but rather comes from a direct intuitive connection to Great Mystery. The new Aries dharma is to be a warrior for peace.

Taurus (Ananda)

Taurus is a Self-Interest/Self-Focus Mystery School. Traditionally referred to as “negative” and “feminine” way of life, in Shamanic Astrology it falls into the involution pathway by way of Earth (sensation function). Being an Earth sign, the overall project of Taurus is to bring spirit (consciousness) into matter, specifically for the purpose of enjoying it.

Historically, the Taurus dharma has links to the Epicurean mystery school of Greece. The aim of Epicureanism was to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. The methodologies involved included intensity of pleasure, dura<on of pleasure, and modera<on in the cases where any extreme could produce pain. Psychologically, Taurus cultivates being rather than doing, with the aim of being in the present moment and experiencing that moment with all the senses as long as possible.

Three Additional States Are Cultivated By Taurus:

  • In<macy as art, as something worth experiencing for its own sake
  • Beauty and aesthetics, as an experience to savor for one’s self
  • The experience of true receivership, knowing what is pleasurable and good, and valuing the giver

Spiritually, Taurus celebrates the fullness and the pleasure of spirit in the senses, with the capacity to fully and completely savor the present moment.

The Spiritual Essence Of Taurus Includes:

  • Beauty
  • Contentment
  • Stability
  • Patience

The Yogas Of Taurus Include:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Partner Yoga
  • Red Tantra Yoga
  • In<macy as art
  • The pleasure of crea<ng art

Now, at the Turning of the Ages, the emergent task of the Taurus Mystery School is to assist in creating heaven on earth, a new Garden of Eden, without the “fall.”

Gemini (Chit)

Gemini is an In Service to Spirit Mystery School. Traditionally referred to as “positive” and “masculine,” in Shamanic Astrology it falls into the evolution pathway by way of Air (thinking function).

Being an air dharma, consciousness and the mind take precedence. Gemini embraces maximum diversity of the mental pathways, with a never-ending curiosity about exploring as much as possible. The approach of Gemini is to enjoy and take delight in the dance of consciousness.

Ultimately, in its path toward realization, Gemini uses the mind to go beyond limits. This is a pathway beyond duality and polarity. The freedom and liberation derived from this project is not for self-interest or self-focus, but rather as service directed by spirit (higher consciousness or higher self). Freedom and liberation stems from the reality that the mind cannot know everything, but the diversity, complexity, and wide range of what it can know is a source of delight and play.

The Spiritual Essence Of Gemini Includes:

  • Curiosity
  • Humor
  • Play
  • “Irreverence”

The Yogas Of Gemini Include:

  • Zen
  • Aikido
  • Sa<re
  • Gymnastics and acrobatics
  • Alchemy
  • Many forms of creative expression such as song, dance, story-telling, magic


Now, at the Turning of the Ages, the emergent task of the Gemini Mystery School is to find and then design the best ways to bypass the gates of duality. Having accomplished that, Gemini can then explore the unlimited pleasures and entertainments available from the mind without being trapped by the dualities of the mind.

Cancer (Sat/Ananda)

Cancer is a Householder/Culture Bearer Mystery School. Traditionally referred to as a “negative” and a “feminine” pathway, for Shamanic Astrology it falls into the path of involution by way of Water (feeling function).

Being a water dharma, the feeling function is the primary motivator for ac<on including empathy, compassion, and sensitivity to the needs of others with a strong proclivity for giving and tuning into the needs of others.

Historically, Cancer’s dharma has been to investigate and then uphold the traditions and institutions that provide security, long-lasting stability, and nourishment to the children, family, and community with a commitment to the well-being of future generations. All avenues of providing personal and responsible nourishment, in a vertical direction, are in its purview:  the relationships of parent to child, teacher to student, therapist to client, etc.

The Spiritual Essence Of Cancer Includes:

  • Mother/nurture ins<ncts
  • Empathy

The Yogas Of Cancer Include:

  • Karma Yoga
  • Nurturing and helping others
  • Successfully raising a family

Now, at the Turning of the Ages, the emergent task of the Cancer Mystery School is to redesign the society in such a way that nourishment is available to all of Earth’s peoples. This re-visioning and redesign of family and community structure will make it truly safe for the children and the children within us all. This is done in service and with reference to future generations.

Leo (Sat and Chit)

Leo is a Self-Interest/Self-Focus Mystery School that was traditionally referred to as “positive” and “masculine.” For Shamanic Astrology, it falls into the path of evolution via Fire (intutive function). Leo’s project is to experience being creator for its own sake.


Historically, Leo has been linked to an ancient understanding of royalty, priesthood (for example the Brahman Caste of India), and those with a different bloodline, who modeled for humanity the best qualities of what an authentic and enlightened human being could be. Those with Leo dharma were committed to serving the people, always inspiring them to be all that they could be.
he spiritual path of the Leo Mystery School lies in realizing sovereignty and autonomy, thereby recognizing personal identity with divinity. This involves the development of radiant and radical self-love. Developing from this is the courage and will to demonstrate one’s creatorship, exemplified by the simple joy of creation, just because you can. Fueled by Fire (intuitive function), those with Leo dharma create in an actional and immediate way, directed by a connection to one’s divinity.

The Spiritual Essence Of Leo Includes:

  • Self-love
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Inspiration
  • Charisma
  • Generosity

The Yogas Of Leo Include:

  • Inspired leadership
  • Raja yoga
  • Vision Carrier

Now, at the Turning of the Ages, the emergent task of the Leo Mystery School is to re-establish our link with our divinity and to evolve to the point where we can co-create with the Great Mystery. From a place of sovereignty and autonomy, Leo will create and then demonstrate the best qualities possible of an authentic, fully developed human being.

Virgo (Ananda/Chit)

Virgo is an In Service to Spirit Mystery School, that was traditionally referred to as “negative’ and “feminine.” For Shamanic Astrology, it falls into the path of involution. Its project is to bring spirit (consciousness) into matter, in order to worship/honor and recognize its sacredness through recognition of its Pattern.

Historically, Virgo represented Gaia, or Earth Mother. Virgo’s dedica<on and commitment to Her was through what can be termed “women’s mysteries,” including things like agriculture, knowing what plants and herbs to gather, understanding and honoring a

woman’s menstrual cycle, and knowing all the ceremonies and func<ons of the priest/priestess. This knowledge, of course, was not only reserved for women. In addition, Virgo was non- secular, and commiEed to a “sacred work,” or calling that was In Service to Spirit. The calling far outweighed worldly success or reputation, and was often evidenced by a renunciate lifestyle. Being an earth dharma, what could be directly experienced with the senses was most important.

Spiritually, the most profound connection to wholeness and the path toward liberation is through directly recognizing and comprehending the sacred pattern or web of life, and then being in alignment with it.

The Spiritual Essence Of Virgo Includes:

  • Discrimina<on
  • PaEern recogni<on
  • Service
  • Integrity (not selling out)
  • Impeccability


The Yogas Of Virgo Include:

  • Hygiene
  • Right diet
  • Adherence to paEern
  • Crea<on of ceremony and ritual
  • Stoicism
  • Inquiry


Now, at the Turning of the Ages, the emergent task of the Virgo Mystery School is to re-establish honor and respect for our Earth Mother Gaia. To accomplish this: creating sacred ceremony that supports her. Included in the project is restoration of woman’s mysteries and rites of passage. Overall, it’s to reconnect with the Pattern, and help reweave the web of life.

Libra (Sat/Chit)

Libra is a Householder/Culture Bearer Mystery School, traditionally referred to as “positive” and “masculine”. For Shamanic Astrology, it falls in the path of evolution, by way of Air, thinking function.

Historically, the Libra Mystery School designed the tradi<ons and the ins<tu<ons of sustainable long-term relationship, through agreements and commitments; the varie<es

of marriage, including what has been termed “pair bonding”, as well as the idealized desires for rela<onship being a path to God. Libra’s domain of responsibility also included social mores, and diplomacy as principles and ideas. The Libran Dharma is focused on personal rela<onships, with other human beings. Psychologically, the goal of the Libra Mystery School was to be mirrored accurately through personal rela<onships.
Spiritually, the goal of the Libra Mystery School is to discover and then highly value “personalness”, referred to as the “Pearl Beyond Price” in Sufism and the Ridhwan School. This is then

experienced as our true essence, aCer stripping away the accomplishments on our resume and our ordinary egoic iden<ty. It’s the experience of being loved just for “you”.


The Spiritual Essences Of Libra Include:

  • Personalness
  • Harmony


The Yogas Of Libra Include:

  • Marriage
  • Media<on
  • Rela<onship as a path to god
  • Mirroring
  • Collabora<on


Now, at the Turning of the Ages, the emergent task of the Libra Mystery School is to create new ways of developing non-hierarchical (horizontal), conscious equal rela<onships and partnerships, celebra<ng the ideal of collabora<on. Libra’s contribu<on includes equally valuing all the possible places on the wheel of life.

12 Paths of Spirituality by Daniel Giamario © 2016





Scorpio (Ananda)

Scorpio is the Self-Interest/Self-Focus Mystery School, tradi<onally referred to as a “nega<ve” and “feminine” pathway. For Shamanic Astrology, it falls into the path of involu<on. Opera<ng through Water (feeling func<on), the project of Scorpio is to have the courage to explore the edge of aliveness and life force for its own sake.


Historically, Scorpio has been associated with a variety of non-mainstream and heterodox ways of life. These have included shamanism and sorcery, various tantric yoga approaches, and other ways of maximizing our greatest possible allotment of life force (energy). It has been the responsibility of the Scorpio Mystery School to maximize its

allotment, without the mediation, censoring, or judgment of the mind. Scorpio dharma celebrates desire, recognizing it as the engine of creation.  This is not to be confused with attachment to desire.

Psychologically, Scorpio dharma is en<rely about energy and the capacity to feel it. This is rather like a non- pejorative view of the Freudian “id.” Scorpio responds with immediacy and without restriction. Either you feel it or you don’t. Spiritually, Scorpio dharma explores right use of will and right engagement with power. A goal is to experience maximum Ananda, to plug directly into the infinite Energy of Great Mystery.

The Spiritual Essence Of Scorpio Includes:

  • Intensity
  • Passion
  • Depth
  • Aliveness
  • Desire
  • Surrender


The Yogas Of Scorpio Include:

  • TantraYoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Many Earth-based Shamanic prac<ces
  • Breathwork


Now, at the Turning of the Ages, the emergent task of the Scorpio Mystery School is to re-frame shamanism and many variances of Tantra, with the recognition that there is no scarcity of life force in the universe and that new trainings and knowledge are to be explored, allowing human beings to access their maximum capacity for experiencing passion and aliveness.

Sagittarius (Chit)

Sagittarius is an In Service to Spirit Mystery School, traditionally referred to as “positive” and “masculine.” For Shamanic Astrology, it falls in the path of evolution through the element of Fire (intuitive function). The Sagittarius project is to discover the truth and open up new pathways toward that goal.

Historically, the Sagittarius dharma has been one of exploration, adventure, and philosophy with a strong emphasis on the meaning and purpose of life. Quite often, it was associated with a renunciate lifestyle. Psychologically, the Sagittarius dharma aligns with Jungian thought, where meaning and purpose outweighs all other life priorities such as sex, will, power, or even survival.

Spiritually, it is the responsibility of Sagittarius to explore and adventure toward finding the truth for themselves. It is important to know these actions are not primarily for self-interest. They are actually performed in service to spirit, thus opening up pathways for all of humanity.

The Spiritual Essence Of Sagittarius Includes:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Optimism
  • Idealism
  • Openness

The Yogas Of Sagittarius Include:

  • Vision quests
  • Wayfaring
  • The rite of “ini<a<on” itself
  • Philosophy
  • Inquiry

Now, at the Turning of the Ages, in the evolution of this Mystery School, the emerging task of Sagittiarius is to ques<on all dogma and the crystallizations of “truth,” and to boldly go into new territory, seeking truth and seeing it as ever-changing, ever-widening. The quest for meaning and purpose is a process, not a destination.

Capricorn (Sat)

Capricorn is a Householder/Culture Bearer Mystery School. Traditionally referred to as a “negative” and “feminine” pathway, for Shamanic Astrology it falls in the path of involution by way of Earth. Its project is to bring spirit (consciousness) into matter, in order to master and manage it.

Historically, Capricorn established the traditions and ways of life that created sustainable and practical foundation for humanity:  honoring the past, but always with a concern for

the many generations to follow. For the Capricorn dharma, prac<cal results were more important than ideals. Capricorn’s project is to discover, understand, and then manage the material plane, mastering the operating manual of objective reality. But this is not done as an end in itself, for its own sake, but rather for the benefit and work ability of the world.

Psychologically, Capricorn operates in a hierarchical (vertical) way and symbolizes the relationships that legitimately work that way: parent and child, teacher and student, therapist and client.

Spiritually, because Capricorn can connect the farthest outward extent of reality to the densest materiality, thus apprehending and sensing the entire creation, it’s imperative that this experience becomes the wisdom that serves humanity from a place of practical wisdom.

The Spiritual Essence Of Capricorn Includes:

  • Wisdom
  • Right teaching
  • Authority
  • Responsibility

The Yogas Of Capricorn Include:

  • Sacred geometry
  • Architecture
  • Ashtanga yoga

Now, at the Turning of the Ages, in the evolution of the Mystery Schools, the emergent task of Capricorn is to objectively discover what works for the livability and sustainability of the whole planet and all the people. At this turning point, Capricorn must again align with the circle of grandmothers and the Sacred Feminine to leave behind its rather long and disastrous usurpation by the patriarchy.

Aquarius (Chit)

Aquarius is a Self-Interest/Self-Focus Mystery School that was tradi<onally referred to as “posi<ve” and “masculine.” For Shamanic Astrology, it falls into the path of evolu<on, by way of Air (thinking func<on). The project of Aquarius is to have the courage to expand consciousness as far and wide as possible for its own sake.


Historically, Aquarius has generally been associated with the culng edge of things, the avant-garde, and the completely unique. Aquarian dharma includes ways of thinking that exist outside the established collec<ve or are outside the box of ordinary reality. This is always, as much as possible, about a connec<on to universal values: higher love, higher meaning, higher truth, and above all, objec<vity.


Interes<ngly, the beginnings of the scien<fic age were routed in the Aquarian dharma, with its strong impulse to objec<vely perceive reality without emo<onal, subjec<ve, or supers<<ous overtones that required only belief. Psychologically, Aquarius aspires for objec<vity and detachment, cooly surveying the widest possible view.

Spiritually, Aquarius aEempts to transcend the ra<onal, evalua<ve mind and to reach the ground of pure consciousness itself. This is the “eye” behind the eye, the high witness, the fair

witness, which perceives all that is, without judgment, merely no<ng the rising and falling of all thought and of all phenomena.


The Spiritual Essence Of Aquarius Includes:

  • Objec<vity
  • Insight
  • Spaciousness
  • Uniqueness
  • Skep<cism
  • Brilliance
  • Idealism (philosophical)


The Yogas Of Aquarius:

  • Vipassana (insight)
  • The scien<fic method
  • Willingness to be yourself


Now, at the Turning of the Ages, in the evolu<on of the Mystery Schools, the emergent task of Aquarius is to courageously keep expanding the vision of

possibili<es, always with the highest and the most expanded consciousness. It’s the responsibility of Aquarius to


come up with the innova<ons and to see the ways that others do not see. Addi<onally, the mission of Aquarius is to always stand for uniqueness and individuality, always ques<oning conformity and the tyranny of consensus reality.


Pisces (Ananda)

Pisces is an In Service to Spirit Mystery School, tradi<onally referred to as a “nega<ve” and “feminine” pathway. For Shamanic Astrology it falls into the path of involu<on by way of Water (feeling func<on). Its project is to relieve suffering by feeling in to where sorrow, grief, and unhappiness in the planet resides and then responding with a dedicated commitment to be in service with compassion.


Pisces dharma includes many ways of using ecsta<c and altered states to assist in healing. Historically, Pisces has been associated with healers, world servers, and saviors. In most cases, the lifestyle of this archetype was renunciate, not secular or worldly. Many holy and religious orders embraced the goals of this Mystery School. An addi<onal element of Pisces dharma has been the longing for ecsta<c and mys<cal union, through many varie<es of altered states, from music and dance, to sexual healing, to plant medicine. The goal was always about healing others and self, through rapturous and compassionate therapeu<c medicine. Psychologically, the Pisces dharma strongly emphasizes merging, and the capacity to experience rapport, to experience directly what another is feeling.


Spiritually, Pisces dharma is about mys<cal union with the heart of the universe, the uncondi<onal love of Great Mystery. Pisces as a spiritual path includes the abnega<on of the self, and ac<ons performed in the world are the literaliza<on of the experience that service is its own reward.


The Spiritual Essence Of Pisces Includes:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Sacrifice
  • Surrender
  • Sorrow (grief)


The Yogas Of Pisces Include:

  • Bakh< yoga
  • Diksha
  • Volunteerism
  • Devo<on
  • Ecsta<c ceremony


Now, at the Turning of the Ages, in the evolu<on of the Mystery Schools, the emergent task of Pisces is to create ways of helping and healing others without
martyrdom and vic<mhood. Pisces dharma is also about developing ways of experiencing ecsta<c states without addic<on or the loss of the capacity to func<on in the world with a strong, healthy, egoic structure.