Breaking News on SAMS 2013 Schedule!

Featuring Events in Faywood Hot Springs and Maui

by Daniel Giamario

Faywood Hot Springs
From the late 1990’s through 2006, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School held numerous successful and well-attended intensives at Faywood Hot Springs in Southern New Mexico, between Deming and Silver City. Before his untimely death from pancreatic cancer, Faywood’s owner and visionary, Elon Yurwit, had co-created with me a magnificent standing stone circle, and an audacious dream of a land based school.

At our seasonal events we had the opportunity to site and then ceremonially place the equinox and solstice stones that make up this remarkable living stone circle. This circle was and is NOT a mere replica of some ancient design, but a living heirophany fine-tuned to the landscape and the current cosmology.

When the stones were all set in place, the circle ended up being the exact diameter of   Stonehenge! This was not previously planned but showed up as a synchronicity when the circle was complete. Plus, there was additional magic and synchronicity when the Winter Solstice Sunset Stone was placed and found to be in a precise alignment with the Hot Springs itself.

For years Faywood and this standing stone circle served as the perfect teaching location for Shamanic Astrology.  Cayelin and I learned recently that Faywood Hot Springs has re-opened with new owners.  Several weeks ago we visited Faywood and, to our surprise and delight, it remains a truly magical destination.

Furthermore, the new owners are wonderful, sincere, open-minded custodians of this very special place.  But our greatest delight was finding the stone circle to be not just intact, but better and more powerful than ever! Cayelin, Lynne, Squide Lain and I honored and celebrated the circle with a powerful morning ceremony.Therefore, the time is right to hold another SAMS intensive at Faywood Hotsprings. We are planning this for March of 2013 around the Spring Equinox.

For details about the event, please click here

Meanwhile, Lynne and I have decided to relocate to Maui in May of 2013. The last planned SAMS intensive in Sahuarita, AZ will be the Timeline/planetary cycles and complexes intensive in February. Then the plan is to hold at least 2 SAMS intensives on Maui during the Summer of 2013.


Join us for two 7day/6night intensives. The longer time for these intensives is allows for additional activities on Maui. The course material is usually covered in a 5day/4night format. The intent is to create time and space for beach time, field trips to a sacred heiau (Polynesian stone temples), journeys to Haleakala Crater, and other delights we are building into the program.

The First Intensive is the Script and Archetypes the beginning of the beginning courses in the Chart Analysis Track from June 22 – June 29 Saturday afternoon/evening through following Saturday noon

The event opens with the Summer Solstice and features the Full Moon at 2 Capricorn, very near Galactic Center. The Sun is in the opposite part of the sky very near the Galactic Edge.

The Second Intensive is the Beginning Night Sky Cosmology August 3 to August 10 from  Saturday afternoon/evening through following Saturday at noon.  This Intensive will feature the New Moon in Leo, with very dark skies conducive for great viewing and learning the night sky cosmology of the Turning of the Ages.  The lodging and pricing information for the Maui events will be announced early in 2013.

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