Letter from Our Secretary on the First Annual SAMS Gathering

by Linda Ellinor

I heard about Shamanic Astrology when Daniel gave a talk at the Floating Stone Inn & Aqua Spa a year ago. I thought, what would be “shamanic” about astrology? Though I attended Daniel’s talk, it sank in when he did my reading. Suddenly, astrology took on new dimension and importance. I deeply sensed the truth of how I came into this lifetime and what I am to learn. The reading was about what I was going through and the times when things would shift for me. Looking back, everything that came from the readings helped me hold on and settle in for the ride.

In the fall of last year I took the “Script and Archetype” workshop. After another reading with Daniel I became a convert with my psychology and coaching background.

I joined the executive council and will sponsor the first annual conference at Moonreach Ranch – my new home in Tubac, AZ; an artist village less than an hour from Tucson. We are nestled in the mountains overlooking a desert river valley with a night-sky view that we share with other professional astronomers.

The overall conference is structured for those new to and familiar with Shamanic Astrology:

The first evening and next day (Thursday evening and all day Friday) will introduce people to Shamanic Astrology. You will learn the basics of your moon sign, your inheritance from the past and what comes naturally to you. You will discover what you are here to learn; and how to accelerate your process by being a conscious participant in the cycles of life. These two sessions will be of interest to practicing astrologers as a way to effectively introduce newcomers and potential clients to the extraordinary benefits of Shamanic Astrology.

The next two days (Saturday & Sunday) will include presentations related to this year’s theme: “The Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine: Redreaming the Magical Connection between Land and Sky”, opportunities for networking, learning about SAMS certification and mentoring programs, and open dialogue with Q & A time with SAMS executive council.

On Monday and Tuesday, Daniel and Cayelin will be offering an In-depth Chart Analysis Workshop in which you will receive the latest updates from SAMS founders including night-time sky viewing under the most crystal night skies on earth.

For Early Bird Registrants (before October 1, 2013), you will receive a 25% discount on the whole conference as well as a free deck of SAMS divination cards and discounted pricing on purchases of additional card decks during the conference. You can also register separately for the introductory evening, day, conference, and in-depth chart analysis workshop.

Please call or email me with any questions you may have regarding questions on logistics and lodging. I can be reached at (707 217-6675) or email (lellinor25@gmail.com). I hope to see you there.

Linda Ellinor

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