FREE Class on the Rare Conjunction of Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio

Igniting Humanity’s Divine Destiny 

This rare gathering of the Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio with Mercury Retrograde passing it three times is worth tuning into. The North Node represents Humanities Divine Destiny and Scorpio is the power and intensity that can ignite the alignment of our will with Divine Will to bring forth a new Destiny that expresses through greater aliveness, passion and ecstasy.

This recording explores the significance of this Timing and includes a look at Mercury passing both Saturn and the North Node three times taking us into November 2013 due to Mercury going retrograde on October 21. This is further magnifying the transformative power of all this Scorpio energy.

Play the recording below:

Igniting Humanity’s Divine Destiny mp3 – Right Click Here to Download  You can also listen to it on the audio link below.


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