2013 Accomplishments and 2014 Goals

by Tami Brunk


Tami Brunk

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School has made great strides in 2013 thanks to the support of our donors, the dedication of our founders, and the time and commitment of the SAMS Council and Managing Director Erik Roth.  It’s been an absolute whirlwind and as the dust clears we see and celebrate our accomplishments for 2013:

The SAMS Card Deck is here!  After many years of anticipation the deck has arrived! The majority of the text was developed by Daniel GiamarioIMG_8281 with support from Gael Chilson. Illustrations of each of the Gods and Goddesses, Mystery Schools, Houses, Initiatory Planets and Wild Cards were provided by regional artist Roy Purcell as a labor of love. In addition to the Card Deck and accompanying booklet, Daniel Giamario has produced a stand-alone book with his latest material on the Sacred Feminine.

 SAMS hosted its inaugural Annual Conference at the Moon Reach Ranch “Daniel Giamario Library and Conference Center” in Tubac, Arizona. SAMS Council Member Linda Ellinor owns the property and graciously hosted. The conference featured 13 speakers exploring the theme of the “Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine” and attracted an intimate and enthusiastic group of 24 participants. Moon Reach ranch provides a stunning view of the night sky and we anticipate many future workshops and conferences be hosted from this location.

Suzan Steinberg pic2 head shot

Zan Steinberg

SAMS initiated its Online Certification Program by raising $4000 through Indiegogo. We have hired John Ayoub to co-create the Webinar series with Daniel, Cayelin, and Erik, and have created introductory videos  for this purpose.


Mary Kern

SAMS has expanded its certification program by adding two new degrees: Mentorship Training and Teacher Training. To initiate the Teacher Training Program Shamanic Astrologers Erik Roth, Tami Brunk, and Matthew James are student teaching with Cayelin and Daniel for in-person courses in 2014 and helping to develop the Teacher Training program while pursuing certification.

SAMS expanded its offerings to members and non-members with Daniel and Cayelin delivering 12 timely and well-attended Teleconference Classes over the course of 2013. SAMS has also expanded its visibility through effective Social Media outreach,growing from from 1200 to over 3400 “likes” on Facebook in 2013, thanks to the support of Social Media Specialist and SAMS Council Member Matthew James.


Erik M Roth

SAMS has grown its Council, adding Zan Steinberg, Mary Kern, and Linda Ellinor in 2013. Each Council Member has supported the growth and accomplishments of the School this year. Tami Brunk stepped up as SAMS President in July. This year we have three new Shamanic Astrologers that have completed the training and requirements for certification: Matthew James, Zan Steinberg, and Mary Kern.


Daniel and Cayelin

Daniel and Cayelin

Moving Forward:  SAMS Goals for 2014

We’re excited to move forward into 2014 with great momentum, building on our accomplishments of 2013. Please consider an end-of-year TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation (see side bar for donation information) to help us reach our goal of $25,000, to accomplish the following 2014 goals:


Matthew James

Fully developing the online version of the Scripts & Archetypes as well as a Timeline & Planetary Complexes course—essential building blocks for Shamanic Astrology Certification – we are now in the process of editing, writing and filming of the Script & Archetypes course, with a tentative release time of mid-to-late Spring.


Linda Ellinor

Continued delivery of in-person SAMS workshops including Synodic Cycles at Faywood Hotsprings, New Mexico in April; Timeline Course at Moon Reach Ranch in May; Sacred Marriage workshop in Maui in August; and Annual SAMS Conference & Cosmology workshop at Moon Reach Ranch in late September early October.

Continued offering of a monthly Teleclass Series with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell as well as  hiring a part-time webmaster, and hiring a part-time marketing professional.

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Council extends gratitude for all those who have made tax deductible donations this year and attended our fundraising events. The success of this year is reflected in this support and we are grateful for your continued support in 2014. Please see the Side Bar if you would like to make a tax deductible donation and thank you so much for your support!












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