Web-Based Shamanic Astrology Events – An Update

Earth and Skyby Erik M Roth, Shamanic Astrologer and Managing Director of SAMS

The original seeding of an interactive, web-based Shamanic Astrology program began a few years ago.

In 2013 we raised about $4000 through Indiegogo for the sole purpose of creating a revolutionary way to engage and learn the Shamanic Astrology material without having to travel to a live class for credit toward certification.

Shortly after the fundraiser, we began bringing this seed from a dream into a practical, structured form.

While we still require more funds to complete this dream, we are well on our way, having spent many hours creating, coordinating, and organizing video and other materials. Daniel Giamario, has also been overseeing this process, while the bulk of the work has been accomplished by me and Cayelin Castell, the co-founder of SAMS.

Signs-Planets CircleThere have been plenty of astrological excuses and indeed we have encountered unexpected delays and hiccups along the way, however now we have 2 online courses that can now be taken anytime including the very  first course The Script and Archetypes, covering all the most important teachings for reading a natal chart through the lens of Shamanic Astrology, along with the Shamanic Timeline and Planetary Complexes.

This course has a wide assortment of videos, audios and reading material for students, including Q and A videos with Daniel and Cayelin.

Full Details Include:

  • Dozens of hours of videos and audios for both courses
  • Q and A videos with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell
  • An e-book copy of the 2014 Shamanic Astrology Handbook now with Chiron added
  • Helpful Handouts on both courses
  • Exercises and practices to deepen what you are learning
  • BIG savings for the online courses saving the expense of travel, lodging and time off work
  • Plus, credit toward certification as a Shamanic Astrologer and Shamanic Astrology Associate

A great BIG thanks goes out to all those who have been so supportive of SAMS, and this astrological paradigm, helping us to continue operation of the school in ways that are “Dreaming the Dream Onward”!

As a bonus, you can watch this nearly 6 minute Video “Overview to the Script & Archetypes Course”


  1. Hi Erik, I have some questions regarding the format of the class. I am interested in taking it. However, I live in a rural area with limited bandwidth and am unsure I would be able to keep up with the class. We are limited to 5120 MB per month. Live events/you tube/video tend to really eat up bandwidth. The way our plan is structured, it’s too expensive to go over the monthly allowance. So before I explore this class further, I need to know how much online time will be required. Thanks, and I hope to take the class at some point! Louise

    • Hi Louise,
      Nearly all of the material will be done online, including the 17 lessons. There is probably over 40 hours worth of videos between now and June, including the live lessons. It would certainly eat up the bandwidth with all the videos and such. Maybe watching the recordings (as opposed to the live feeds) would use up less bandwidth? Potentially, we will make these videos into DVDs next year so there be a way to do it over the physical mail. And you can certainly buy then in phases at that time. Though right now that is a thought. So it will take a while before it gets created.
      I wish I could help further,

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