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Please complete this form to register for the upcoming, inaugural online class version of the Script & Archetypes Intensive.  If you wish you mail your registration and send a check, please print this form and mail it along with a check payable to “SAMS” for our 60-day Introductory offer price of $697 (minus any membership discounts or special offers from the school) and then please mail it to this address:

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After submitting this form, you will be directed to a page from which you can pay for the online course.  After that process, Erik Roth, our Managing Director will contact you and provide you will receive a link to create a user name and password to access the content of the Script & Archetypes Online Course.

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  1. Hi there!

    I just found you all as an answer to a deep request. I am currently a dreamwork analyst and have been researching and studying the Rudhyars/ Humanistic path to Astrology to use while working with my clients.

    I had a few aspects that I felt I wasn’t receiving where I was, which is actually all of the mathematical, metallic, mind centered and masculine dominant feel to it all. I went out to the Moon a few nights ago and needed the connection, to see the Moon, and know her from her, not from the book and lectures, of cold mechanical information. The actual archetypal energetic of the Moon. That night I had a very strong dream:

    I am a young girl around 18-20 yrs. traveling and working as a part of a group like the Peace Corps. In South/Central America a place like Guatemala maybe? working with the tribes in this cross road central place where they seem to need assistance here for some reason. There are around 12 tribes and they have been all taught by the different western volunteers the languages of the origin of the social workers asigned to them, the one in relationship to them throughout this process. So they all speak their native tongue, which no one other than their tribesmen understands, and the new language of the Western social worker. I am there in the central meeting space that is the connection of all of these tribal lands. The image that sticks with me, is of muddy newly built logging roads,that form circle that surrounds the roads. So it’s like,the roads are different spokes of the wheel all meeting here in this center where I am with the tribes,with a outer circle connecting them all.(after I see how it’s like the astro wheel) Somehow I need to help the ones who now speak Spanish, English, Greek, French etc. communicate with one another. I really just want to know the tribes and be with them and get all these westerners out of here, it feels they have really good intentions, but have unintentionally messed up something that actually needed no assistance to begin with. So I do exactly that, I meet them each individually and work with them and from here discover who they are and what theirs needs are, not using the newly formed languages but their true language that of the ancient more shamanistic way. I find deep meaning,passion and desire being with them in this way,and I feel the love and gratitude from them as well.

    I felt this so deeply reflected my soul request for this true meeting of the tribes myself, personally, and displayed that innate ability I have to do so. The next morning I found you all, through a synergistic synronistic loop, with more details than I need to explain at this time, but I am so thrilled you exist.

    I would love to join the online version of the course, I currently live in Israel and would need this type of support. My questions are thus:

    1. Is it still possible to jump into the currently running course now?

    2. Is it possible to pay as I go? I can afford it,but not all in one chunk. I would need to space out the payments, maybe as the class levels separate it? We don’t have a system of credit with Visa like you have in the US, so I have no other ways of making payments unless they are spaced out over time. Maybe monthly? (I fully support the cost of this course and feel it’s worth every dime, just understand here in Israel, we make about half the income of you in the States, and have twice the cost of living!!)

    3. I would also love a reading to go along with the course. Is it better to become a member first, then sign up for the course and only then book a reading? Is that cheaper in anyway?

    Again, just wanting to express my complete joy and excitement to have been lead to you! Looking forward to getting to know you all soon…

    With Love,

    • Hi Holly,
      What a beautiful dream you had and thank you for the letter. I saw your e-mail to me and will respond to you shortly so that you can begin your studies in Shamanic Astrology.
      Erik Roth

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