2014 SAMS Conference News Part Two

Interviews with the Presenters

Part Two Featuring: Cayelin Castell, Tami Brunk and Anyaa McAndrew

As part of the 2014 Shamanic Astrology Conference series featuring the presenters, I am pleased to introduce 3 more Shamanic Astrologers as they discuss the Sacred Masculine and Inner Beloved, the theme for this year’s conference.  Two of the three interviews have been recorded while the third interview (with Anyaa McAndrew) was completed through her article.   All the details can be found below. Scroll down to the interviews of Tami Brunk and Anyaa McAndrew below.

Please remember that the early registration period has been extended to September 14th with a special price of $225 (normally $297)!

Presenter #1: Cayelin Castell

Cayelin shares how powerful it has been for her to claim her own inner masculine in this interview with Tami Brunk

Listen to Cayelin Castell talk about the Inner Masculine below


IMG_7825When I first met Daniel and learned this material, it helped me understand what had happened in my first marriage. The Mars position is what you will tend to project onto your partner unless you’ve owned it for yourself. My first husband had no Capricorn, but I really projected that onto him, though that wasn’t who he was!  Of course, I didn’t know I was doing it and I was angry about how irresponsible he was all the time.

Getting this information years later was enlightening, and helped me to understand that I need to take responsibility for that part of myself – not to project that onto someone else, especially if that’s not what they are about.

I started to create my own way of not needing to be taken care of by a man. Not needing someone there to support me financially, emotionally, and in all the ways I could project that onto my partner was life changing. I learned I could do that for myself.

When I met my husband Peter after my second marriage, I was in a place of being fully responsible for taking care of myself. I did not need him to taking care of those things. So, for the most part he doesn’t feel pressure from me to be a certain way, because I have learned how to own that part for myself, and he gets to be who he is as a result. It took me long time to figure out how to do that but all these years later I can say, the rewards are so worth it!

Cayelin Castell’s website: cayelincastell.com

Presenter #2: Tami Brunk

Journey toward Wholeness:  Seeking and Finding my Inner Beloved

Listen to Tami Brunk talk about the Inner Beloved below


IMG_7820As a woman, my path toward wholeness requires that I fully claim and heal my relationship with the feminine.  Yet, in equal measure, wholeness demands that I come into right relationship with the masculine. For me this has been initiated through male partners and lovers, a rich series of male mentors who have inspired me, and healing of my relationship with my father. I have also come to see more clearly how the modern system wounds and disempowers men.

Through my journey with my Mars in Scorpio as well as through work with female clients, I have come to see the engagement and activation of a woman’s Mars like turning the key in the ignition, and starting up the whole vehicle of our being in a coherent, energized way. Mars is like the missing key to animate and bring us into full aliveness and empowerment on our path.

Yet there are minefields in the path for women as we seek to integrate our Sacred Masculine. Primarily it is that we will tend to project the masculine qualities we most require onto the men in our lives, and in so doing, not even recognize that we are missing a vital element of our life force energy.

As women seeking our footing in the world, another barrier is that we often take on the armor of the wounded “false masculine” in order to succeed in our careers, in order to avoid falling into old traps of giving our power away to our partners and men in order to feel safe in a world with far too much physical and energetic violence toward women.

This is what many women equate the idea of “owning our inner masculine.” Yet this is not enduring strength or empowerment because it originates from outside of us. We are putting on a cloak, or armor, and in the process shutting off our true feminine power, and are unplugged from our inner source of authentic, healthy masculine energy.

In my natal chart, Mars in Scorpio is the ONLY self-interest or fixed sign, with a whole lot of “in service to spirit” or mutable signs and a great deal of fire and air. Everything else: Capricorn, Cancer, and Aries, are in some sense dedicated to something outside of myself (the community, noble cause and mission, my family.)
Without full engagement with my Mars, I have very little access to my own personal sense of aliveness, access to deep life force energy, or the will and desire to move toward greater visions and goals with sustained focus and full presence.

2014 has been the year for me to deeply engage with my inner masculine, because Saturn is conjunct my Mars.

For me the journey has been a grand adventure (which my Sagittarius Venus really loves!) involving dreams of dark sorcerers, bringing in wolverine as an ally, visitations by the Great Stag, and encountering my inner “berserker.” In these later months of the Saturn Mars initiation, I have been experiencing a more sustained, deeper level of aliveness than ever before.

Hear the full details of my journey here! Women, join Cayelin and I at the Second Annual Conference to ignite your own inner masculine, and plug into your deeper aliveness! Men, learn to liberate yourselves from the projections of partners or lovers, so as to claim your true essence as a man.

Tami Brunk’s website: astrologyforearthrenewal.com

Presenter #3: Anyaa McAndrew

How do Astrological Complexes Help us Accomplish the Sacred Marriage?

Anayaa McAndrew - Longtime Shamanic Astrologer and Priestess Teacher

Anyaa McAndrew – Longtime Shamanic Astrologer and Priestess Teacher

The relationship between our Venus and Mars is the relationship between our opposites, and as such can be quite a challenge, in its own right! Consider this—what if we also have complexes (think psychological) to these inner characters?

As a transpersonal-shamanic psychotherapist and many years working with client’s charts, Anyaa has paid a great deal of attention to how our relationship to the inner other evolves through time. If we come in a female body, we tend to project our Mars onto an outer beloved when we are young, the 1st stage, which she calls at effect.
If you experience Saturn or Pluto or Uranus or Neptune or Jupiter or Chiron in aspect to your Mars, it’s easy to think ‘that’s just the way it will always be’ in your relationship with the other. But there are 2 other stages: the 2nd stage she calls in awareness, where we wake up to the complex and realize it is just a projection.

The 3rd stage she calls em-powerment, where we can own these shadow qualities as the real gifts that they are. It is just the same process, operating through Venus, for those who come in a male body.

Come learn more about how these complexes operate within and without. Take a look at your own complexes and those of your beloveds. You might just discover some aha’s about the puzzle pieces of relationship!

Check out Anyaa’s article from her trip to Callanish last spring with Daniel Giamario and Apollo Grace, also the article speaks about the Second Annual Shamanic Astrology Conference October 3-5 2014. http://goddessontheloose.com/callanish-the-sacred-feminine-and-the-new-earth-on-the-grand-cross-of-2014/

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