Inner Sacred Marriage Process and Relationship Course

Offered Online in 2017

Facilitators: Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell


This course reveals the journey to inner wholeness that goes beyond the search for that special someone or external other. The Inner Sacred Marriage Process asks: What if that someone is within us already?

The natal chart provides powerful clues to who our inner other is and how we can connect with that part of ourselves. Along with insights about understanding and honoring your personal relationship intent.

Through the lens of Shamanic Astrology, Daniel and Cayelin reveal how Mars, Venus and the Relationship Axis represent our soul’s intent regarding the inner sacred marriage as well as the relationship intent for this life! Knowing your anima and animus (Feminine and Masculine) energies through the Venus and Mars archetypes reveals the secret longing of your soul and how you can honor,  love and, co-create with your inner beloved.

What is covered:

  • The Archetypes of your Anima and Animus
  • How to integrate your Mars and Venus Archetypes in a Healthy Way
  • The Inner Sacred Marriage Process
  • What you tend to project onto the Other
  • How the Lineage or Moon Sign plays a role within the Quest for Wholeness
  • How Your Soul’s Journey benefits from a conscious relationship with your inner beloved
  • How to know the timing of special Sacred Marriage Initiations (through Mars and Venus Cycles)


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  1. Hello! My mom lives really nearby and I would love to make it for this class. I’m wondering about the times on the 8-11. I see the 7th starts at 7 and what time is the end of class? I am arranging a daycare plan for my three children and timing is important. Thank you!

    • We would so love to have you join us Anjani and thank you for asking about when the Intensive ends. You might have missed this above as it is listed there but maybe I need to make it BIGGER 🙂

      End of Intensive: 1pm Pacific on October 11th

      Please let us know if you have any other questions?

  2. Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces again at another powerful event. Barb Moss will be joining us for the intensive. We will be staying at Gael’s place. So see you on the 7th.

  3. Hi! What are the times for the classes each day? I see they start at 7pm on the 8th and end at 1pm on the 11th. But what are the times throughout the day. I live locally and could possibly commute, but would also need to plan for childcare.

    • Hi Cha’vah,

      We would love to have you join us and commute to the class. We start at 9:30 am and usually end around 9 pm each day except the first and last days of course. During the full days there is usually one evening off, meaning there are is no class. That day is usually Friday or Saturday but will be determined either just before or at the first evening class. Let us know if you have any other questions? Hope to see you there! 🙂

  4. What meals are included on the meal plan? We will be staying at Gael’s place. Need to know if there is some kind of breakfast?

  5. The Floating Stones Casitas has no space available at this time. All units are full. We are staying with Gail, There are a number of us staying there so maybe we could car pool over to Moon Reach ranch. Follow the link above and see if Gail has anything left. You will love the experience of meeting Gail and experiencing her hospitality.

    Is an evening meal for the first evening included in the meal plan?

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