Celebrating Astronomy and Astrology

Welcome to the Astronomy and Astrology Outreach of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School bringing together the wisdom of both approaches that serves a new understanding of how both are needed and vital at this Turning of the Great Wheel of time.

Using the four elements this quadrant is identified with the Air and connected to the seasonal mid-point of 15 degrees Aquarius.

The element of air symbolizes the mind, cerebralness, communication, collective consciousness, the celestial world, the stars, constellations and the night sky in general, perceptions, thinking processes, innovation, great change and turnover of outmoded paradigms and breakthroughs.

Community Involvement

Our mission is to served the greater astrological community, including individual astrologers and astrological organizations throughout the United States and around the world expanding possibilities by offering:

  • Increased visibility within major astrological organizations
  • By placing educational books and products in the bookstores of these organizations
  • Through regular contributions from The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School’s trained astrologers offering articles for their journals, both printed and online (i.e. The Mountain Astrologer and the ISAR Online Newsletter), as well as numerous web-based astrology forums
  • By having a regular presence at astrology conferences, Whole-life Expos, Renaissance Fairs, etc. where there are astrologers and other forms of divination available.

Additional Ways we can serve the greater astrological community:

    • By educating others how to enhance their own night sky viewing including ways to reduce light pollution in their area (i.e. donating to organizations that promote Dark Skies)
    • Promoting night sky awareness by joining local astronomy groups
    • Donating to Local Libraries (funds, books, ebooks, etc)
    • Digitization of the collective knowledge of all written, audio and video materials in the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm in both a physical library and a digital library (i.e. in the cloud).
    • Donating introductory classes and/or teaching classes at schools like Kepler College.

Find Out More in this Video

The Video Below is an Overview of all four areas of Outreach

Join us in the Journey!  Check out our Facebook page, resources and articles.  We would love to hear your comments. Contact Erik Roth to find out more or to join us in this mission

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