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Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets Online Course – NEW!

Sacred Marriage & Relationship Online Course

Script & Archetypes and Basic Chart Analysis Online Course 

Shamanic Timeline Online Course

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2018 Course, Class and Event Schedule

Late March 2018

Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets Online Course

This brand new online course (video-based) will begin in March of 2018 – Date of First Class is Pending

Course Administration and some co-facilitation
with Erik Roth

By attending this online course intensive, you will uncover the mysteries surrounding these planets from both an astronomical and astrological perspective covering these questions and more:
What are the Synodic Cycles and why do we care?
What does it mean when Venus, Mars or Mercury is Retrograde?
What is symbolism around a Venus-Moon conjunction?
How does a planet’s passage behind or in front of the Sun relate to the “Underworld”?

How does the patterns that Mars, Venus and Mercury weave in the sky relate to shifts within us?

What are Lunar Nodes?  How do they impact our lives?


May 10 – 16, 2018


This is THE basic introductory course with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Founder, Daniel Giamario.

  • Learn how to read a chart using Shamanic Astrology
  • Discover your place on the Wheel of Life
  • Discover your storylines of ancestral lineage and of Current Life Purpose
  • Learn the Archetypes of the Suns, known as the 12 Mystery Schools
  • Explore the Full Spectrum of Masculinity and Femininity



June 8-10, 2018

Igniting Your Co-Creative Power with the Elements

at the University of Earth near Graeagle, California

This is a fun interactive course that reveals how the Birth Archetypes and Elements are manifesting in your life. You will learn how to utilize these energies and astrological modalities to enhance your creative power and better understand others.

This course focuses primarily on the elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire and how each astrological sign expresses through one of these four elements. We will also explore how each sign also expresses through a modality or specialized expression in Serving Others, Serving Self or Serving Spirit. 

The Elements and Modalities are the master key to understanding ALL the archetypes and our own intended life expression of life map.

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