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Sacred Marriage & Relationship Online Course

Script & Archetypes and Basic Chart Analysis Online Course 

Shamanic Timeline Online Course

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 River of Life Weekend Event August 25 to 27 Details are HERE

This three day course is about accelerating momentum and notable progress for anyone on a conscious path to wholeness. These extremely powerful techniques for understanding our unique individual soul’s journey provide participants with valuable insights about themselves and how to best navigate their personal journey to wholeness. This content is also invaluable for healing, counseling and coaching professionals desiring powerful, life-changing tools they can immediately put to work for their clients.

almendres-1Night Sky Event in Portugal
September 18-24, 2017

With Daniel Giamario, Cayelin Castell and Cristina Moreira

Only One Room left.

What this Course Covers

This course covers the usual blend of cosmology, astrology and astronomy, augmented by frequent visits to the many megalithic monuments nearby, standing stones, stone circles and dolmens. During our time together (7 days) we have adequate time to take field trips to other nearby sites and to be on the land most every night, under a warm clear sky.

Interestingly, these ancient megalithic sites are likely to have been built and used by the same culture, in the same time frame, as the sites in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England, 2000-4500 BC, during the Neolithic and Megalithic Golden Age. (The Stone Circle of Almendres is classified as being at least 8000 years old, as the megaliths in Portugal are older than the ones in Britain)

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December Solstice Online Summit

Taking place with various videos and a LIVE 2-hour presentation in December, 2017
with Daniel Giamario, Cayelin Castell and Many Others!!

A number of special pre-recorded and live interviews and presentations from astrologers, shamanic practitioners and healers will be part of this telesummit that focus on the question of 2020 on a personal level as well as the collective humanity.


In 2020-2021, an extremely rare triple conjunction (stellium) of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will occur in the sign of Capricorn. This stellium only occurs (on average) every 153.8 years, sometimes sooner, and sometimes a longer time. But, even rarer than this is how seldom this happens in Capricorn. According to the research conducted by Erik Roth, similar triple conjunctions of these three in Capricorn occurred in 424-423 BCE, most recently in 1284-1285 CE, and not again until 2754-2756 CE.

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School considers this alignment to be globally significant for everyone, personally and collectively, and very possibly beyond the glamour and hype that was applied to the turn of the millennium and the focus on 2012. Much will be written and spoken about this upcoming configuration both within and beyond mainstream astrological circles. We feel that it’s not too soon to inquire into this rapidly approaching and potentially world altering event, and to prepare for this as best we can.

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