Edgewalking with Planet transits through Scorpio

2010 August lake house 005by Cayelin K Castell
Whenever Planets are in Scorpio the energy is about seeking new forms for expressing  Passion, Ecstasy, and Right Use of Will.

Any planetary transit through Scorpio invites us to consciously walk the edges of what is dying and what is being birthed with opportunities for willfully (purposefully) creating a new paradigm ecstatically aligned with Divine Love and Divine Will. There is no one way to do this that is better than any other, however the process is more gracefully facilitated when we embrace what is unfolding while releasing any attachments to specific results.

The Scorpio Mantra…
I Will, My Will, Be Thy Will.

edgewalkingEdges are important
because they define a limitation
in order to deliver us from it.
When we come to an edge
we come to a frontier
that tells us that
we are now about to become more
than we have been before.
As long as one operates in the middle of things,
one can never really know
the nature of the medium in which one moves.
The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light

William Irwin Thompson

Most of us will experience varying degrees of fear around the edges of what is changing. Although some may try to avoid these new unfamiliar edges the changes are already in motion and new edges – like new frontiers – are emerging. Edges are dividing lines between things or where one thing leaves off and another begins. There are edges between cultures, races, belief systems, paradigms, and people. There are edges to our homes, to our communities, to our differences, and to our choices. Everything has an edge and indeed everyone walks an edge of some kind. So why not choose to explore these edges with openness, curiosity, passion and awareness?

The unconditional Love of the Spirit
is understood by many on Earth at present.
There is another energy, though,
that is also part of the Divine Creation,
which has not yet been fully understood –
the Divine Will.

The Will expresses as feelings.
The Spirit and the Will are partners in the body
and must find their balance in the Heart.
Right Use of Will Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body
Received by Ceanne DeRohan

Conscious Edgewalking occurs when we seek out the edges of contemporary beliefs and existing paradigms, choosing to move beyond them, exploring and expanding into new passionately alive territory. Conscious Edgewalking requires willingness to walk the edges of old and new ways, bridging what has been with what is emerging, allowing death to embrace what is ready to die, creating space for new ideas, new ways, and new experiences to birth.

Another aspect of the Scorpio mysteries is connected to manifestation. When we allow ourselves to explore the edges of our known reality with passion and intensity we automatically move into new ecstatic territory alive with great magic and life force. It is this passion that guides us, allowing expressions of grace to permeate our experience. Scorpio’s passionate, intense life force energy has been greatly feared and repressed in recent historical times splitting us off from a full on healthy connection with our emotional bodies. When that happens, then what tends to manifest is depression, anxiety, anger and so on.

The way to make the most of the Scorpio edge is to be willing to feel your feelings in ways that are safe, effective and transformative, as this ultimately leads to new experiences of ecstasy and bliss. A worthy Scorpio manual addressing these issues is the first half of the book Right Use of Will channeled or received by Ceanne DeRohan. This book describes the misunderstanding that caused a split to occur between Will and Spirit, leading many to believe their feelings (Will) were not acceptable. This misunderstanding is what lead to the practice of repressing feelings.

The book points out that, “…the Will of God is not in opposition to the Will of the individual…” When we are healthy our Will is automatically aligned with Divine Will. And the fastest way to heal and evolve the Will is to …

…express everything you feel, and do not stop expressing, emotionally or otherwise,
until you have really finished.
You must not impose this on others that do not want it,
for just as it is not spiritual balance to deny yourself in favor of others,
it is not spiritual balance to deny others in favor of yourself either…

So, when a planet is traveling through the Scorpio Realm – it is an opportune time to find safe and healthy ways to explore and accept our feelings for the purpose of experiencing ecstasy. Finding safe healthy ways to clear the Will and all the emotional trauma it has been holding is often overwhelming, so it might be helpful to find a skilled facilitator.

Any process work that provides a safe space for getting in touch with our deeper feelings such as breathwork, body oriented counseling, shamanic journeying, and whole being integration work can be powerfully supportive during this time.


  1. That date of 10.5.2012 will be pretty explosive for me then when Saturn goes into Scorpio, being that I have Pluto and Saturn in Virgo conjunct my ascendant in 12th house, and Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Scorpio.

    I really appreciate all your exploration and thoughts on the inner cosmos… There’s so much information that doesn’t resonate out there. The shamans (who serve the Feminine Principle within All) are returning to the mainstream. This is good.

  2. Again, another interesting read on the (transiting) placement of Saturn thru/in Scorpio. Though I am curious what is meant by references to “shamanic themes of…and edgewalking” and this return to the Feminine which is referred to at the end of the essay there is still interesting insights regarding this transit of Saturn thru Scorpio.

    I will ask the question here posted on SkyWriter which was how do astrologers delineate the mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto/Mars in Capricorn which introduces so-to-speak this approximately two and a-half year transit. In addition how does this transit/placement relate to the co-incident of Neptune’s ingress into Pisces? There will be a trine at least by placement sometime in 2013 and there may even be a trine by transit if Saturn retrogrades back far enough to form one with Neptune also in 2913. Again how are these additional astrological siginfications looked at with regard to this transit of Saturn in Scorpio? Anyone care to comment? Please feel free!

  3. Thank you Cayelin SO MUCH for this article, as I have Mars at 18 degrees of Scorpio squaring Pluto, the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo.. The edge walking has not been easy for me as expressing any feelings of anger was not supported in my family ( obviously a family doesn’t need to condone anger, but we were taught to ” stuff ” our feelings and never to directly express what it was if there was any sort of upset ). This is a long transit.. I am an edge walker natally, but this transit REALLY has put me on the edge, and through our Venus group and your article, I can re- frame what the potential for this can become..

    • Yay so glad this was helpful Liz! I know it was a good reminder for me to revisit Edgewalking with Saturn on my Ascendant! Though we all do Edgewalking at some point in our lives there are those of us who volunteered (?) or signed-up for this in a BIG way as you have described. Here’s to the beautiful and exciting transformation possible when we are consciously Edgewalking! 🙂

  4. Thanks for finally talking about Edgewalking with Planet transits through Scorpio. I Liked it and it was so helpful as I have a lot of Scorpio it explains so much!

  5. As a Sun and Rising in Scorpio I love this perspective and find it helpful to realize that my will aligned with divine will is what I have been striving for all my life. And of course walking the edges of all that is an ongoing journey. Thank you so much for this inspiring article🙏🏼

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